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Celebrity Baby Names
Starting with Letter "B"

Artists are creative by nature and often give their children quite creative names! Some are traditional, some unique, and some are, well, just down right weird. It doesn't really matter at the end of the day for these kids, though, because for the most part they were dealt a pretty good hand in life considering the wealth and stature of their respective parent(s).


Check out some of the interesting names celebs have given their children. Click on a block or drag the slider to select the first initial of the celebrity's first name.

  • Malia and Natasha Obama
    Malia and Natasha Obama
    What's a celebrity baby name list without the inclusion of our nation's First Family? President Barack Obama and his lovely First Lady Michelle have two daughters. And ever since the Obama's came onto the American national political stage, their daughters' names have soared on the charts. Malia Ann was born in 1998 and Natasha - who is called Sasha - arrived in 2001. Malia is a fitting name for a daughter of a Christian Daddy who grew up in Hawaii (Malia is the Hawaiian equivalent to Mary). And Natasha is a pretty choice as well, with Sasha sounding laid-back and friendly.
  • Violet, Seraphina and Samuel Affleck
    Violet, Seraphina and Samuel Affleck
    Married to Jennifer Garner since 2005, this "Bennifer" has three children. Their first daughter was born less than nine months following their nuptials (you know what that means) on December 1, 2005. They named her Violet Anne. Daughter #2 arrived on January 6, 2009 and was dubbed Seraphina Rose Elizabeth. The couple rounded out their family with a son this year on February 27, 2012. His name? Samuel Garner. Leave it to the classy couple to choose fashionable yet traditional names. Seraphina is especially unique and it means "fiery one". Cute, huh?
  • Blue Ivy Carter
    Blue Ivy Carter
    Superstar couple announced the birth of their little Blue Ivy in January 2012 after a long anticipated pregnancy. Wait, what? Blue Ivy Carter? (Jay-Z's real name is Shawn Carter). But why Blue Ivy? Another off-beat celebrity name. It's almost like they're trying to out-do each other at this point. It's unclear why the couple chose Blue Ivy, but it's been speculated that Blue is Jay-K's fav color and Ivy is representative of IV (Roman numeral for the number 4). Both Beyoncé and Mr. Carter have birthdays on the fourth day of the month and their anniversary date is April 4.
  • Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Knox and Vivienne
    Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Knox and Vivienne
    Hands-down, the most popular kids in Hollywood are the children of Brangelina, or Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. The Jolie-Pitt brood consists of three adopted children and three biological children. Angelina adopted seven month old Cambodian-born Maddox Chivan in 2002 as a single parent. In 2005, Jolie and Pitt together adopted six-month old Zahara Marley from Ethiopia (Pitt then officially adopted big brother Maddox). Not content to stop there, the couple found three year old Pax Thien in Vietnam (2007). Meanwhile, their first biological daughter Shiloh Nouvel was born in Namibia in May 2006 to much fanfare (imagine when combined what such great DNA is likely to produce!). Lastly, in July 2008, the latest Jolie-Pitt's arrived, twins called Knox Léon and Vivienne Marcheline. According to one report, the first images of the twins were sold for an unprecedented $14 million.
  • Sean and Jayden Federline
    Sean and Jayden Federline
    Cute little Britney Spears who has gone and grown up before our eyes became a mother on September 14, 2005 with the birth of her first son Sean Preston Federline. Almost a year exactly to the date (b. September 12, 2006) came along Jayden James Federline. Now that's what we might call Irish twins! Both names are cute, but Jayden is a boy's name that's probably getting ready to jump the shark.
  • Neriah and Sierra Fisher. Heaven and Shaya Charvet.
    Neriah and Sierra Fisher. Heaven and Shaya Charvet.
    This gorgeous woman keeps pumping out the babies and comes out the other end looking even better. So not fair! She’s the type of woman every man lusts after and every woman wants to be. She’s got that super-sex-appeal while still seeming like a girl’s-girl. Brooke has four kids by two different marriages. Her first marriage with plastic surgeon Dr. Garth Fisher produced two daughters: Neriah and Sierra Sky. Brooke is now married to French singer and actor David Charvet and they have two children together. Daughter Heaven Rain was born in early 2007 and Brooke finally got her first son when Shaya Braven was born (March 5, 2008). Yes, her names are a little off-beat and hippy-dippy California, but we have to admit, they seem to fit perfectly with Burke's sunny laid-back California personality.
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