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Celebrity Baby Names
Starting with Letter "L"

Artists are creative by nature and often give their children quite creative names! Some are traditional, some unique, and some are, well, just down right weird. It doesn't really matter at the end of the day for these kids, though, because for the most part they were dealt a pretty good hand in life considering the wealth and stature of their respective parent(s).


Check out some of the interesting names celebs have given their children. Click on a block or drag the slider to select the first initial of the celebrity's first name.

  • Luke, Isabelle, Grace, Maxwell and Olivia Armstrong
    Luke, Isabelle, Grace, Maxwell and Olivia Armstrong
    Are there steroids available for baby-making? Then we declare Lance Armstrong guilty of using them! Armstrong has sired five children with two different women. His five year marriage to Kristin Richard produced three of them: Luke David Armstrong was born in 1999 and twin sisters Isabelle Rose and Grace Elisabeth followed in 2001. Due to Lance’s well-known battle with cancer, the children were made possible by banking his sperm prior to undergoing chemotherapy. This marriage was followed by Armstrong’s highly publicized relationship-turned-engagement-turned-split with musician Sheryl Crow. Purportedly the union came to an end because Armstrong didn’t want any more children but Crow did. Apparently he did want more children, just not with Crow. Lance Armstrong’s now-girlfriend Anna Hansen has given the controversial biker (and hugely successful cancer fundraiser) two more babies. Son Maxwell Edward Armstrong was born in 2009 and daughter Olivia Marie followed in 2010.
  • Milo William Langdon
    Milo William Langdon
    Actress and daughter of Aerosmith’s front-man Steven Tyler, Liv Tyler married British musician Royston Langdon (from the band Spacehog) in 2003. The following year the couple welcomed son Milo William Langdon on December 14, 2004. We’re not sure how the now-separated couple decided upon the unusual name Milo but it’s cute and quirky. It’s an off-beat alternative to the more popular Miles, although both names are believed to be derived from the same source meaning “soldier” in Latin. Milo of Croton was an ancient Roman citizen known for his military triumphs during the 6th century B.C. battles of the early Roman Republic. His great strength and power was so legendary it was said that he could carry a bull over his shoulders or pop-off his headband simply by applying pressure to his veins. From this perspective, Milo is synonymous with the power and strength of Herculean proportions.
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