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Celebrity Baby Names
Starting with Letter "U"

Artists are creative by nature and often give their children quite creative names! Some are traditional, some unique, and some are, well, just down right weird. It doesn't really matter at the end of the day for these kids, though, because for the most part they were dealt a pretty good hand in life considering the wealth and stature of their respective parent(s).


Check out some of the interesting names celebs have given their children. Click on a block or drag the slider to select the first initial of the celebrity's first name.

  • Maya and Levon Hawke. Rosalind Busson.
    Maya and Levon Hawke. Rosalind Busson.
    Uma Thurman has two kids with actor Ethan Hawke (actually she was well along in her pregnancy with the first when the couple married in 1998). Daughter Maya Thurman Hawke was born in July of that year and was followed by baby brother Levon Green Hawke in 2002. The couple divorced in 2003. On July 15, 2012, Uma and her boyfriend, London-based financier Arpad Busson, welcomed a baby girl but waited over three months before releasing the name. So lame. The name? Rosalind Arusha Arkadina Altalune Florence Thurman-Busson (but they call her Luna for short). We waited three long months for THAT?! Whatev. The couple is keeping the origins of the five names private (five, really?). Don't worry Uma. We are so past caring at this point. Congrats anyway. (yawn)
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