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Quick Facts on Alejandro

  • Gender:
  • Boy
  • Origin:
  • Spanish
  • Number of syllables:
  • 4
  • Ranking popularity:
  • 165
Simple meaning:
Defender of men

Characteristics of Alejandro

  • Authoritative
  • Powerful
  • Tough
  • Tenacious
  • Wealthy
  • Problem-solver
  • Achiever

Etymology & Historical Origin - Alejandro

Alejandro is the Spanish form of the male name Alexander, from the Greek “alexein” meaning ‘to defend’ plus “andros” meaning ‘man, warrior’. Alexander’s most notable namesake was Alexander the Great, a 4th century B.C. King of the Greek-influenced Macedon. Arguably the ‘greatest’ military general of all time, Alexander spent 12 years expanding his empire east to the Himalayas, defeating the entirety of the Persian Empire and spreading a new Hellenistic culture in the present day Middle East and parts of Asia. Alexander the Great never lost a battle, but his life was cut short at the age of 33. Military generals to this day still consider Alexander the Great one of their greatest inspirations.

Popularity of the Name Alejandro

The name Alejandro has been around in America for well over a hundred years. Not heavily used at the turn of the 20th century, the name would grow steadily as the decades progressed. Since the Latino population within the United States has increased greatly in the past 30 years, so too have Spanish-influenced baby names. In fact, and not surprisingly, Alejandro is ranked highest in the states of New Mexico, Texas and California (also on the Top 100 lists in Florida, Arizona and Nevada). These also happen to be the states with the highest concentration of people of Latino and Hispanic descent. Alejandro brings a soft and poetic sound to the age-old Greek name Alexander.
Popularity of the Boy Name Alejandro
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Cultural References to the Baby Name - Alejandro

  • Literary Characters of the baby name Alejandro

    Literary Characters of the Baby Name Alejandro

    Alejandro We cannot find any significant literary characters with the first name Alejandro.

  • Popular Songs on Alejandro

    Popular Songs on Alejandro

    Alejandro - a song by Lady Gaga

  • Children's Books on the Baby Name Alejandro

    Children's Books on the Baby Name Alejandro

    Alejandro's Gift (Richard E. Albert) - Alejandro, a man in his 60s, lives in a small adobe house beside an isolated desert road. His only companion is a burro (donkey). To ease his loneliness, he tends to his garden. One day, a ground squirrel approaches the garden to drink from its furrows, followed by wood rats, pocket gophers, jackrabbits, kangaroo rats, pocket mice, roadrunners, and woodpeckers. Time passes more quickly, and Alejandro enjoys his new companions. However, he soon realizes that they come to him for water, not for company, and sets out to dig a water hole for them. Albert's simple and poetic text evokes the silence and emptiness in Alejandro's life. He grows to understand his interdependence with the land and its creatures as he lives among them. An ideal book to develop in readers an appreciation for the beauty of the desert and its inhabitants. Recommended for ages 6-10.

  • Famous People Named Alejandro

    Famous People Named Alejandro

    Famous People Named Alejandro - Alejandro Falla (Columbian tennis player); Alejandro Fernández (Mexican singer); Alejandro Agustín Lanusse (former Argentine President); Alejandro Ramírez (grandmaster chess player); Alejandro Sanz (Spanish pop musician)

  • Children of Famous People Named Alejandro

    Children of Famous People Named Alejandro

    Famous People Who Named Their Son Alejandro - We cannot find any celebrities or famous people who have named their child Alejandro.

  • Historic Figures

    Alejandro - Boy Baby Name - Historic Figures

    Alejandro - We cannot find any historically significant people with the first name Alejandro.

Personality of the Boy Name Alejandro

The number Eight personality has everything to do with power, wealth and abundance. Somehow, this personality has been blessed on the material plane, but their authoritative and problem-solving traits provide evidence that their good fortunes are not just the luck of the lottery. They are well earned. This is the personality of CEOs and high-ranking military personnel. Eights are intensely active, hard-driving individuals. Success is only meaningful to them after a job well-done.  They are remarkable in their ability to see the larger picture right down to the smallest details, and organize a strategy around success. They then have the ability to direct a group around them toward any goal, and realize individual potential to get the most out of their team.

Variations of the Baby Name - Alejandro

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