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Quick Facts on Ashleigh

  • Gender:
  • Girl
  • Origin:
  • American, English
  • Number of syllables:
  • 2
  • Ranking popularity:
  • N/A
Simple meaning:
Ash clearing

Characteristics of Ashleigh

  • Humanitarian
  • Community-minded
  • Family-oriented
  • Loving
  • Affectionate
  • Compassionate
  • Sensitive

Etymology & Historical Origin - Ashleigh

Ashleigh is a female variant spelling of Ashley – a name which was once considered masculine, then became unisex, and is now ultra feminine. Just to make sure everyone knows it, some parents have opted for these dressed-up, flowery spellings like Ashleigh. Originally, Ashley developed as an Anglo-Saxon surname, derived from a place name. We find its roots in the Olde English “æsc” meaning “ash” and “lēah” meaning “wood clearing, meadow” to identify various hamlets situated near an area cleared of ash trees (there are towns called Ashley in Cheshire, Northamptonshire, Kent, Staffordshire and Wiltshire, England, for instance). Surnames derived from place names were either assigned to prominent local landowners or lords of a manor. Location-based surnames were also given to folks who hailed from one town and relocated to another – one would have been given the last name Ashley, for instance, as a means of identification (i.e., the name of his birthplace). Surnames became important in the Middle Ages as a way of identifying citizens in order to tax them, and the surname Ashley first appeared in writing in the 12th century (rendered as Esselega, Aslegh and, finally, Ashley). The same name often looked and sounded quite different in medieval England due to the high rate of illiteracy and the radically different dialects spoken throughout the land. Ashley would not be recorded as a forename (or given name) until the 16th century, and it was only considered masculine back then. It would take another 400 years for Ashley to find her footing as a girl’s name in the 20th century (and now she’s widely considered almost exclusively feminine). Perhaps this has something to do with a certain Celtic influence. The similar sounding name “Aislinn” (pronounced “ASH-ling”) is an Irish girl’s name derived from the Gaelic word “aisling” meaning “dream, vision”. The type of dream is specific to a vision of a beautiful woman from the spirit world. Once dreamt, the dreamer can no longer be content again. She’s just too beautiful to remove from one’s memory. In any case, Ashley is a very popular baby girl’s name in the United States, and, as often happens with popular names, American parents like to mess around with the traditional spelling and produce new modifications such as Ashly, Ashlee and Ashleigh.

Popularity of the Name Ashleigh

Ashley made her first appearance on America’s Top 1000 list of baby girl names in 1964. Ashlee followed in 1976 and Ashleigh came along in 1978 (Ashlie in 1980 and Ashly in 1982). It was Ashley’s fast and furious popularity that would spawn these other versions of her name, although none would ever be as popular. Ashleigh basically rode the coattails of Ashley, mimicking her popularity but to a much lesser extent. In fact, Ashleigh would only reach #175 on the charts, her highest position ever, in 1991 (that same year Ashley was the #1 baby girl’s name in the country). As it turns out, Ashley had staying power (currently ranked #50 in America), but Ashleigh did not (she hasn’t seen America’s Top 1000 list since 2009). The “-leigh” suffix is arguably a show-offy one (think: Ryleigh, Kayleigh, Kyleigh, Charleigh, Hayleigh and Carleigh as some other examples). It’s very girly-girl and flowery, perhaps unnecessarily so.
Popularity of the Girl Name Ashleigh
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Cultural References to the Baby Name - Ashleigh

  • Literary Characters of the baby name Ashleigh

    Literary Characters of the Baby Name Ashleigh

    Ashleigh We cannot find any significant literary characters with the first name Ashleigh.

  • Popular Songs on Ashleigh

    Popular Songs on Ashleigh

    Ashleigh - We cannot find any popular or well-known songs featuring the name Ashleigh.

  • Children's Books on the Baby Name Ashleigh

    Children's Books on the Baby Name Ashleigh

    A Horse Called Wonder (Joanna Campbell) - Book One of the Thoroughbred series. Ashleigh wouldn't care about anything, ever again. Ashleigh Griffen swore she'd never give her heart to another horse -- not after a terrible disease wiped out her family's breeding farm, along with Ashleigh's favorite mare, Stardust. Now the Griffens are starting over as breeding managers at Townsend Acres, and Ashleigh's sure she is going to hate living there. Then a small, sickly foal is born -- a beautiful copper filly that looks like Stardust. No one thinks the foal will live or that it's worth trying to save. No one but Ashleigh. Can one girl's love alone work miracles? Read Thoroughbred and experience the love and friendship between a determined girl and a very special filly. Many more titles in this series featuring the character of Ashleigh. Recommended for ages 9-12.

  • Famous People Named Ashleigh

    Famous People Named Ashleigh

    Famous People Named Ashleigh - Ashleigh Banfield (TV journalist); Ashleigh Barty (Australian tennis player); Ashleigh Brewer (Australian actress)

  • Children of Famous People Named Ashleigh

    Children of Famous People Named Ashleigh

    Famous People Who Named Their Daughter Ashleigh - We cannot find any celebrities or famous people who have named their child Ashleigh.

  • Historic Figures

    Ashleigh - Girl Baby Name - Historic Figures

    Ashleigh - We cannot find any historically significant people with the first name Ashleigh.

Personality of the Girl Name Ashleigh

Romance is the hallmark of the Six personality. They exude nurturing, loving, and caring energy. Sixes are in love with the idea of love in its idealized form - and with their magnetic personalities, they easily draw people toward them. Like the number Two personality, they seek balance and harmony in their life and the world at large. They are conscientious and service-oriented, and a champion for the underdog. These personalities naturally attract money and are usually surrounded by lovely material objects - but their human relationships are always primary. They thrive in giving back to others rather than being motivated by their own desires. This is when they achieve great things. Sixes are natural teachers, ministers and counselors.

Variations of the Baby Name - Ashleigh

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