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Quick Facts on Beau

  • Gender:
  • Boy
  • Origin:
  • French
  • Number of syllables:
  • 1
  • Ranking popularity:
  • 270
Simple meaning:

Characteristics of Beau

  • Inspirational
  • Highly Intuitive
  • Spiritual Teacher
  • Extremely Bright
  • Uplifting
  • Truth-seeker

Etymology & Historical Origin - Beau

Beau is the French word for “the beautiful” from the Latin “bellus” meaning “handsome, fine, agreeable, pretty.” It first developed as a nickname, as with George “Beau” Brummell, an early 19th century arbiter of men’s fashion in England (known as dandyism). This stylish trendsetter is often credited with the creation of the modern man’s suit and tie (no wonder he was given such a handsome nickname). Beau’s adoption as an independently given masculine name seems to have been instigated by British author P.C. Wren’s 1924 adventure novel, “Beau Geste” (several film adaptations followed), about Michael “Beau” Geste who leaves England and joins the French Foreign Legion (see literary references below). Margaret Mitchell also used the name Beauregard in her best selling 1936 novel, “Gone with the Wind,” as the baby born to Melanie and Ashley Wilkes. By the mid 20th century, Beau became a more commonly used masculine name and is currently most popular in Australia (ranked #40 Down Under).

Popularity of the Name Beau

The “beautiful” name Beau first appeared on the American male naming charts in 1967 which may have coincided with the start of Beau Bridge’s acting career in Hollywood. The name gained some ground in the 1970s, but the height of its popularity was during the early 1980s (still only moderate usage). The name declined in popularity during the 1990s but as we’ve entered the 21st century it appears to be climbing back up the charts. The name Beau was given to a little over 1,000 baby boys born in 2012 keeping it fresh and original. Bo is an alternate spelling that also shows up on the male naming charts (although their etymologies are unrelated). Beauregard and Beauford are also similar. Beau is an adorable name for any “handsome, beautiful” baby garçon out there, and one which ages nicely into adulthood – it’s like naming your daughter Belle (also a French word for “beautiful”).
Popularity of the Boy Name Beau
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Cultural References to the Baby Name - Beau

  • Literary Characters of the baby name Beau

    Literary Characters of the Baby Name Beau

    Beau Geste (Beau Geste) Beau is the protagonist of the 1924 novel of the same name by British author Percival Christopher Wren, but better known by its 1939 film adaptation starring Gary Cooper. Beau (Michael) is one of three English Geste brothers who join the French Foreign Legion in order to avoid a familial scandal not of their making. This is a delicious, romantic old tale of derring-do and of brotherly love and loyalty. Unfortunately, Beau goes to his death as an honorable Legionnaire in French Africa; he would have made a welcome addition to anyone’s English countryside estate.

  • Popular Songs on Beau

    Popular Songs on Beau

    Beau Soir - a song by Barbra Streisand

    Brand New Beau - a song by Amanda Marshall

  • Children's Books on the Baby Name Beau

    Children's Books on the Baby Name Beau

    Bayberry & Beau (Nita Choukas) - Bayberry & Beau is an original tale inspired by a real horse and cat who became mysteriously attached to one another. Beau is very unhappy in his new life as a barn cat. He longs to be Miki’s pet again, playing with him all day and sleeping on the bottom of his bed every night. Sadly, when Miki became allergic to him, Beau was sent to live on Cloud- land Farm with Miki’s Uncle Jake and Aunt Ruby. Soon, Beau is in big trouble with bossy Aunt Ruby. Born to be a pet, not a hunter, he sleeps and dreams in the barn’s loft instead of catching mice. Beau feels very sorry for himself until the day Bayberry comes to live on Cloudland Farm. The old bay quarterhorse doesn’t want to be there either. Her mournful whinnying when her owners leave her alone in her stall awakens Beau. Peering down on the drooping horse, Beau remembers the way he felt the day Miki and his mom left him alone in the stable. Beau runs from the loft, hops on Bayberry’s stall door, and introduces himself. This is their story. Recommended for ages 6-9.

    Beau Beaver Goes to Town (Frances Bloxam) - When a beaver family's lodge becomes overcrowded, it's time for the young beavers to begin lives on their own. While Beau Beaver's siblings settle easily at a brook and a pond, Beau can't find a place to call home. He at last finds a ditch, then quickly works on his beaver lodge. To his surprise, he has caused a small crisis, since his building site turns out to be in the middle of town! Recommended for ages 4-8.

    Beau the Bee (Minda Devorkin) - Invite your new friend Beau into your heart. Beau is a positive, kind, and confident bee who happily takes you on his special journey of learning to love himself despite looking different from the other bees. Beau generously shares his helpful life tools so everyone can "bee" their best selves! Recommended for ages 3-6.

    Bijou, Bonbon & Beau (Joan Sweeney) - Newborn kittens Bijou, Bonbon and Beau make themselves at home on a Paris stage to the delight of the dancers as well as the artist who quietly sketches them. This adorable picturebook will appeal to cat lovers, art enthusiasts and ballerinas big and small. Recommended for ages 3-7.

    Bubba and Beau Go Night-Night (Kathi Appelt) - Sister, it's down the road again in this second outing for Bubba and Beau, two best friends who love to go bye-bye. But when the sun goes down, are those two ready for bed? No siree, Bob! This sweet and sassy addition to the Bubba and Beau series is sure to have even the sleepiest little bubbas laughing the night away. Recommended for ages baby to preschool.

    Bubba and Beau Meet the Relatives (Kathi Appelt) - When Cousin Arlene and her dog, Bitsy, arrive in Bubbaville, it’s hugs and kisses galore—and Bubba and Beau are not enjoying the party. But when they round up the froufrou cousins and head for their favorite squishy, squashy, muddy spot in the garden, Sister, the fun finally begins. Recommended for ages baby to preschool.

    Bubba and Beau, Best Friends (Kathi Appelt) - Bubba, a brand-new Texas baby, and Beau, a brand-new Texas puppy, are best friends who share lots of adventures. Recommended for ages baby to preschool.

  • Famous People Named Beau

    Famous People Named Beau

    Famous People Named Beau - Lloyd “Beau” Bridges (actor); George “Beau” Brummell (fashion dandy)

  • Children of Famous People Named Beau

    Children of Famous People Named Beau

    Famous People Who Named Their Son Beau - Emma Bunton (singer, former Spice Girl); David Cassidy (1970s teen idol); Joe Biden (U.S. Vice President); Lloyd Bridges (actor); Tanya Tucker (country singer); Tommy Smothers (comic); Wendy Wilson (singer)

  • Historic Figures

    Beau - Boy Baby Name - Historic Figures

    Beau - We cannot find any historically significant people with the first name Beau.

Personality of the Boy Name Beau

The number 11 is a Master Number, and embodies heightened traits of the Two. This personality is on a life journey to find spiritual truth. They are extremely idealistic and intuitive. Elevens have a rare and exceptional spiritual energy that brings a sense of obligation to illuminate the world around them. It's a very powerful responsibility, but these people have far more potential than they know. It's important that they surrender to higher ideals. They have the capacity to see the bigger picture, and they possess the skills to inspire others spiritually. Elevens have strong diplomatic skills and can become great peacemakers. Master numbers can be both a blessing and a curse, as they walk the fine line between greatness and the potential for self-destruction.

Variations of the Baby Name - Beau

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