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Quick Facts on Eloise

  • Gender:
  • Girl
  • Origin:
  • English, French
  • Number of syllables:
  • 3
  • Ranking popularity:
  • 338
Simple meaning:
Healthy, wide

Characteristics of Eloise

  • Inspirational
  • Highly Intuitive
  • Spiritual Teacher
  • Extremely Bright
  • Uplifting
  • Truth-seeker

Etymology & Historical Origin - Eloise

Eloise is a more modern form of an Old French feminine name Héloïse from the Germanic Helewidis. Helewidis is believed to be comprised of the roots “heil” meaning “robust health” and “wid” meaning “wide”. Héloïse gained legendary fame thanks to a 12th century French woman; her story is one of unrequited love. As a very beautiful and learned young woman, Héloïse was under the care of her uncle who was a priest at Notre-Dame. Here she met the highly regarded philosopher and theologian Pierre Abélard and the two embarked upon an affair which resulted in a pregnancy. A secret marriage was arranged, but due to a misunderstanding with her uncle, the priest had Abélard castrated. Having no romantic future, Pierre Abélard became a monk, whilst Héloïse was forced into a nunnery. Although the two continued to write to each other, their love life was effectively finished. Eventually, the name Héloïse morphed into Éloïse for the French and Eloise among the English. It was revived in the 19th century. Éloïse remains quite popular in France today. Among English-speaking countries, Eloise is most common in Australia.

Popularity of the Name Eloise

Eloise was a fairly common name in America during the 19th century and beginning of the 20th century. Although she never achieved a spot on the Top 100 list, she maintained high-moderate usage for the first half of the 1900s. In 1955, children’s book author Kay Thompson published “Eloise”, the first of her five book series about an off-beat little girl who lives at the Plaza Hotel in New York with her Nanny, her pug, and her turtle. Eloise became an instant classic for children everywhere while the name itself was going out of style. In 1966, Eloise dropped completely off the female naming charts. Her lengthy hiatus from usage would last over 40 years. The name finally returned to the charts very recently in 2009, mainly due to the renewed interest in turn-of-the-century favorites. Plus, in 2011, celebrity Denise Richards named her adopted daughter Eloise, reminding prospective parents of this charming, long neglected moniker. Eloise is still a relatively underused girl's name, making her a unique but classic choice. The French add some sophistication to the name, while the children’s book character gives it a sweet and spunky quality. Ellie and Elsie are possible nicknames, and so is Weezy for that matter. Eloise is indeed a “robustly healthy” name with “wide” appeal. It’s an underused gem right now. Before long, we predict more parents will discover her innate charm.
Popularity of the Girl Name Eloise
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Cultural References to the Baby Name - Eloise

  • Literary Characters of the baby name Eloise

    Literary Characters of the Baby Name Eloise

    Eloisa (from the poem "Eloisa to Abelard") Eloisa is the narrator of the 1717 epistolary poem by Alexander Pope, “Eloisa to Abelard”, based upon the medieval story of the ill-fated love affair between her and her tutor. Falling deeply in love, the two conceive a child and marry, but her enraged family extracts a high cost for their sins. Abelard is castrated, exiled and joins a monastery, while Eloisa is banished to a convent. From there she sings her song of loneliness and yearning, while trying to reconcile her honest devotion to her God with her excruciating grief over the loss of her earthly love. The poem beautifully displays the agony of Eloisa, as she adjusts to her new life of the veil, knowing that only death will bring her suffering to an end, and only in death will she be able to reunite with Abelard. It casts an almost sacrilegious light upon her struggles, as, when she is taking the dreadful vow of silence, she keeps her eyes on Abelard, rather than on the symbol of her new life, the Crucifixion. With one foot yet in her old life, Eloisa of these lines looks forward only to the redemption of death. We do not know if their after-life reunion came about, but the lovers are interred together in the Pere Lachaise cemetery in Paris, where they are visited by lovers from around the world, hoping only for the best for them at last.

    Eloise (Eloise) Eloise is the titular character in Kay Thompson’s series, written between 1955 and 1959, about a six-year old girl who lives “on the tippy-top floor” at the Plaza Hotel in New York. The books were subsequently adapted to movies, songs and television productions. Eloise is a precocious little girl; one legend has it that she was modeled on Liza Minnelli, daughter of Thompson’s good friend, Judy Garland. Whatever her origin, she is a delight – she is an anomaly in 1950s America – an independent minded, confident little spitfire, whose antics both endear and annoy, but never bore! She lives with her proper British nanny and spends her days getting into all kinds of troublesome (to others) adventures, never mean-spirited, but always in the service of fun and experimentation. She makes the hotel her own little world, ordering room service, spying on guests, attending weddings and generally living the high life with her dog and turtle. Her father seems to be non-existent, while her mother (who is friends with Coco Chanel, you know) is largely absent. Today, someone would be calling Child Protective Services, but luckily for us, Eloise escaped such a fate and left a memorable record of her exploits for us to enjoy into the future.

  • Popular Songs on Eloise

    Popular Songs on Eloise

    Dear Eloise - a song by The Hollies

    Eloise - an opera by Karl Jenkins

    Eloise - a song by Say Anything

    Eloise - a song by Barry Ryan

    Eloise - a song by Paul Ryan

    Eloise - a song by The Rembrandts

    Eloise - a song by The Damned

    Miss Eloise - a song by John Lee Hooker

    Sweet Eloise - a song by the Glenn Miller Orchestra

    Walking in the Park with Eloise - a song by Paul McCartney

  • Children's Books on the Baby Name Eloise

    Children's Books on the Baby Name Eloise

    Eloise (Kay Thompson) - Eloise is a little girl who lives at The Plaza Hotel in New York. She is not yet pretty but she is already a Person. Henry James would want to study her. Queen Victoria would recognize her as an Equal. The New York Jets would want to have her on their side. Lewis Carroll would love her (once he got over the initial shock). She knows everything about The Plaza. She is interested in people when they are not boring. She has Inner Resources. If you take her home with you, you will always be glad you did. Recommended for ages 5-8.

    Eloise at Christmastime (Kay Thompson) - Yes. Here she is at Christmastime. Complete with tinsel and holly. Singing fa la la la lolly. And over the roar of the jingle bells. You can hear hear hear her say: It's absolutely Christmas. But I don't mind a bit. I give everyone a present. For that's the thing of it - So when it's everly Christmastime, and you're under your Christmas trees simply tinkle a bell and have a trinkle. And remember Me. Eloise. Recommended ages 5-8.

    Eloise in Moscow (Kay Thompson) - Odd Couple Invade Russia and Produce Best-seller! When Kay Thompson (with illustrator Hilary Knight in tow) swept through Moscow at the height of the Cold War, the Russians didn't know what hit them. No one could have predicted that this small masterpiece would be the result. First published in 1959 and out of print for more than three decades, their fourth book about Eloise is DELICIOUS. Recommended for ages 5-8.

    Eloise in Paris (Kay Thompson) - Bonjour! Here's the thing of it: Paris has just been discovered by Eloise the little girl from the Plaza...Here is what Eloise does in Paris: everything. The effect is rawther extraordinaire. If you come to Paris with Eloise you will always be glad you did. Recommended for ages 5-8.

    Eloise Takes a Bawth (Kay Thompson) - ELOISE has been celebrated at the PLAZA, in PARIS, at CHRISTMASTIME, in MOSCOW. Now ELOISE takes a plunge in the BAWTH. Recommended for ages 5-8.

  • Famous People Named Eloise

    Famous People Named Eloise

    Famous People Named Eloise - We cannot find any celebrities or significantly famous people with the first name Eloise.

  • Children of Famous People Named Eloise

    Children of Famous People Named Eloise

    Famous People Who Named Their Daughter Eloise - Denise Richards (actress/TV personality)

  • Historic Figures

    Eloise - Girl Baby Name - Historic Figures

    Eloise - We cannot find any historically significant people with the first name Eloise.

Personality of the Girl Name Eloise

The number 11 is a Master Number, and embodies heightened traits of the Two. This personality is on a life journey to find spiritual truth. They are extremely idealistic and intuitive. Elevens have a rare and exceptional spiritual energy that brings a sense of obligation to illuminate the world around them. It's a very powerful responsibility, but these people have far more potential than they know. It's important that they surrender to higher ideals. They have the capacity to see the bigger picture, and they possess the skills to inspire others spiritually. Elevens have strong diplomatic skills and can become great peacemakers. Master numbers can be both a blessing and a curse, as they walk the fine line between greatness and the potential for self-destruction.

Variations of the Baby Name - Eloise

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