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Quick Facts on Jalen

  • Gender:
  • Boy
  • Origin:
  • African-American, American
  • Number of syllables:
  • 2
  • Ranking popularity:
  • 502
Simple meaning:
No meaning

Characteristics of Jalen

  • Humanitarian
  • Community-minded
  • Family-oriented
  • Loving
  • Affectionate
  • Compassionate
  • Sensitive

Etymology & Historical Origin - Jalen

Jalen is a late 20th century coinage used mainly within the African-American community of the United States. The sudden usage of this name was influenced by University of Michigan basketball star Jalen Rose in the early 1990s when he was a part of the “Fab Five” college basketball elite, leading the Wolverines to the NCAA Championship games in 1992 and 1993. He was the team’s leader, point guard and highest scorer; Jalen would go on to play professionally from 1994 to 2007 (most notably for the Indiana Pacers). Apparently, Jalen Rose received his name through the combination of his father’s name (James) and his mother’s brother’s name (Leonard).

Popularity of the Name Jalen

Jalen’s entrance on the American male naming chart in 1992 was impressive. He made his debut at a remarkable position of #377 (pretty moderate popularity for a once obscure name). Clearly, the college basketball superstardom of Jalen Rose in 1992 and 1993 had almost everything to do with the name’s sudden fame on the naming charts. The African-American population embraced the name almost immediately, and its usage was most fashionable in the states where Blacks have their highest concentration within the population (mainly the southern states, Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama and the Carolinas); however, Jalen has been quite popular in Michigan as well (where Jalen Rose played college basketball) and Indiana (where he spent several years of his professional career). The height of Jalen’s popularity on the male naming charts was in 2000 – he almost even secured a spot on the Top 100 most commonly used boy names. Today, the name has dropped back down to very low-moderate levels of usage which remains quite extraordinary considering it was one young 19 year old kid who started the whole naming craze for Jalen.
Popularity of the Boy Name Jalen
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Cultural References to the Baby Name - Jalen

  • Literary Characters of the baby name Jalen

    Literary Characters of the Baby Name Jalen

    Jalen We cannot find any significant literary characters with the first name Jalen.

  • Popular Songs on Jalen

    Popular Songs on Jalen

    Jalen - We cannot find any popular or well-known songs featuring the name Jalen.

  • Children's Books on the Baby Name Jalen

    Children's Books on the Baby Name Jalen

    Jalen - We cannot find any children’s books featuring a character named Jalen.

  • Famous People Named Jalen

    Famous People Named Jalen

    Famous People Named Jalen - Jalen Rose (basketball player); Justin Alexander "Jalen" Parmele (football player)

  • Children of Famous People Named Jalen

    Children of Famous People Named Jalen

    Famous People Who Named Their Son Jalen - We cannot find any celebrities or famous people who have named their child Jalen.

  • Historic Figures

    Jalen - Boy Baby Name - Historic Figures

    Jalen - We cannot find any historically significant people with the first name Jalen.

Personality of the Boy Name Jalen

Romance is the hallmark of the Six personality. They exude nurturing, loving, and caring energy. Sixes are in love with the idea of love in its idealized form - and with their magnetic personalities, they easily draw people toward them. Like the number Two personality, they seek balance and harmony in their life and the world at large. They are conscientious and service-oriented, and a champion for the underdog. These personalities naturally attract money and are usually surrounded by lovely material objects - but their human relationships are always primary. They thrive in giving back to others rather than being motivated by their own desires. This is when they achieve great things. Sixes are natural teachers, ministers and counselors.

Variations of the Baby Name - Jalen

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