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Quick Facts on Julian

  • Gender:
  • Boy
  • Origin:
  • English, Latin
  • Number of syllables:
  • 3
  • Ranking popularity:
  • 47
Simple meaning:
Soft-haired, descendent of Jove

Characteristics of Julian

  • The Master Builder
  • Leader
  • Large Undertakings
  • Confidence
  • Discipline
  • Organization

Etymology & Historical Origin - Julian

The name Julian is derived from the ancient Roman family name Julianus, a derivative of Julius (from the gens Julia). The name likely developed from the Greek “ioulos” meaning ‘downy-bearded’ or ‘soft-haired’. The name is also associated with “youth” due to the young age at which someone grows the first hairs on their chin. It is also thought to be related to Jove, another name for the Roman god Jupiter – the patron diety of ancient Rome who ruled over laws and social order. The Julianus family of ancient Rome were among the most prominent and claimed direct descent from the mythological Julus (son of Aeneas and ancestor to Romulus & Remus, the purported founders of Rome in the 8th century B.C.). The most notable name bearer was Gaius Julius Caesar, a Roman general and statesman during the 1st century B.C. His conquest of Gaul resulted in his famous uttering of words: “veni, vidi, vici” (I came, I saw, I conquered). His achievements provided him with almost unmatched power in Rome; his dictatorship resulted in many political reforms which were instrumental in the Republic’s transformation into the Roman Empire. Fearing Caesar’s growing political power, an assassination conspiracy was hatched and lead by his old friend, Marcus Junius Brutus. Julius Caesar was stabbed on the Ides of March 44 B.C. during a Senate session. He purportedly uttered his famous last words to his old friend: "Et tu, Brute?” One of Caesar’s lasting legacies was the Julian calendar, introduced in 45 B.C. and reflected a full solar cycle of 365 ¼ days. It was maintained for over 16 centuries until replaced by the Gregorian calendar. Aside from Julius Caesar, Julian the Apostate was also a Roman Emperor in the 4th century A.D. notable as the last pagan Emperor of ancient Rome (his uncle, Constantine had made Christianity widely acceptable but Julian attempted to move the Empire away from institutionalized Christianity back to paganism). Although this classical name was borne by various minor saints, including a pope, it was rare during the Middle Ages. Julian was later revived and brought to England during the Renaissance. The French form of Julian is Julien with an "e".

Popularity of the Name Julian

Julian has maintained moderately high levels of success as a male name in the United States for well over a century. However, it was not until the year 2000 that the name finally entered the Top 100 list of most commonly used boy names. Today, Julian is close to becoming a Top 50. It’s already on the Top 25 lists in the states of New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada and California, so we think the Spanish-speaking population is helping to spur on the name’s current popularity. Julian is not only a classical name with ancient roots; it is also hip, modern and downright cool. While some feel the name is too feminine sounding (think: Julianne), we couldn’t disagree more. Julian is both strong and gentle at the same time. It’s a masculine, chivalrous name reserved for intelligent parents who appreciate its historic roots. Julian is anything but girly. In fact, Gillian developed as the female version of the name. Like Marcus, Alexander, Dominic, Sergio, Maximus, and Cesar – Julian is an ancient Roman name loaded with nobility, dignity, and heroic superiority of days gone past.
Popularity of the Boy Name Julian
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Cultural References to the Baby Name - Julian

  • Literary Characters of the baby name Julian

    Literary Characters of the Baby Name Julian

    Julian Marsh (42nd Street) Julian Marsh is the leading character in what was a novel by Bradford Popes, “42nd Street”, but which is far better known in its adaptation as a Hollywood film in 1933 and a Broadway musical in 1980. Julian is a tough-as-nails Broadway musical director who is ill and broke as a result of the stock market crash of 1929. He’s trying to put on one last extravaganza in order to be able to retire. Naturally there are all kinds of backstage dramas, illicit romances, last minute substitutions leading to instant stardom, etc. An ingénue saves the day and Julian has his success, but it is a bittersweet one. Oh, well, with a show full of tunes such as “Lullaby of Broadway”, “You’re Getting to Be a Habit with Me”, “We’re In the Money” and “42nd Street” itself, we’d say that Julian is one lucky guy, even if he is unlucky in love.

  • Popular Songs on Julian

    Popular Songs on Julian

    But Julian, I'm A Little Older Than You - a song by Courtney Love

    Hey Jude - a song by the Beatles written for Julian Lennon

    Pressure on Julian - a song by Blur

  • Children's Books on the Baby Name Julian

    Children's Books on the Baby Name Julian

    Julian (Anne-Marie Chapouton) - Free-spirited Julian becomes so engrossed in playing his flute that he forgets to take care of his hair, but when people begin to make fun of him and he starts worrying about his hair, Julian can no longer play his beautiful music. Recommended for ages 4-8.

    Julian (Dayal Kaur Khalsa) - This picture book tells the story of Julian, a farm dog who chases everything in sight, including his owners cats! When one of the cats goes missing, will Julian find him and restore peace on the farm? Recommended for ages 4-8.

    Julian Rodriguez (Alexander Stadler) - Julian Rodriguez is on a mission for the Mothership. He's been sent to Earth to study human lifeforms and their bizarre habits--from their disgusting diet (orange sticks named carrots, flavorless liquid called water, and the revolting substance known as vegi-dogs) to their repressive treatment of their young (forcing them to carry out menial tasks known as chores, withholding access to the great cultural masterpieces called cartoons). When Julian's Maternal Unit assigns a hideous task, it's nearly too much for the hardened space veteran to bear--but he finds his courage at last. The follow up book is called “Julian Rodriguez Episode Two: Invasion of the Relatives”. Recommended for ages 7-10.

    Julian's Glorious Summer (Ann Cameron) - Kirkus says: "When his best friend, Gloria, gets a new bike, Julian (7) is dismayed: he doesn't want to learn to ride, because he's afraid of falling. In a satisfying conclusion, Julian gets his own bike as a reward for considerable labor, and then learns what fun it can be to ride. This is a perfectly constructed young reader, with neat turns in the plot, a loving family, and engaging dialogue.” Recommended for ages 7-10.

    Julian's Jinx (Mercer Warriner) - Math Class Magic! Sally's got a major crush on Julian Chance -- the cutest guy in the eighth grade and star of the soccer team. But does he even know Sally exists? When Julian asks Sally to tutor him in Math, she's thrilled! Then, on his first big test, Julian is accused of cheating -- and Sally may be in trouble as well. Unless he proves he got his A honestly, Julian will be suspended from the soccer team. Sally knows she didn't cheat. Is someone using witchcraft to set them up? To solve the mystery, Lucinda, Sally, Phoebe, and Tess may need some strong magic. They try spells, potions -- even magic blue goo! But will they be able to clear Julian's name in time for the big game? Recommended for ages 9-12.

    Julian, Dream Doctor (Ann Cameron) - It's Dad's birthday, and Julian wants to get a special present. Something Dad has always dreamed about. But Dad's dream is pretty unusual, not to mention scary. Now that Julian has figured out what his dad wants, will he, Huey, and Gloria be brave enough to get it? Recommended for ages 7-10.

    Julian, Secret Agent (Ann Cameron) - Secret agents Julian, Huey, and Gloria are already heroes. They have rescued a dog and saved a toddler from drowning. But what they really want is to nab a real-live bank robber. Just when it looks like they might catch the crook, the police chief steps in. The super-sleuths find that they're the ones who are in trouble—with a capital T! Recommended for ages 7-10.

    More Stories Julian Tells (Ann Cameron) - The School Library Journal says: "Reflecting incidents true to children (making a bet with a friend, sending a message in a bottle, attempting to be brave), these stories are the sort that will make children ask for more." Recommended for ages 7-10.

    The View from Saturday (E.L. Kognisburg) - 1996 Newbery Medalwinner about four unlikely students, Noah, Nadia, Ethan, and Julian become bonded together when their teacher chooses them to represent their class in an Academic Bowl competition. This is a touching story of friendship, compassion, growth, and the importance of telling your story. Recommended for ages 8-12.

  • Famous People Named Julian

    Famous People Named Julian

    Famous People Named Julian - Julian Lennon (musician); Julian Bond (social activist); Julian Casablancas (musician); Julian Cochran (English classical composer); Julian Glover (actor); Julian Lloyd Webber (English cellist); Julian Marley (English/Jamaican musician); Julian McMahon (actor); Julian Peterson (football player)

  • Children of Famous People Named Julian

    Children of Famous People Named Julian

    Famous People Who Named Their Son Julian - Bob Marley (musician); Brigitte Neilson (actress); Jerry Seinfeld (comic/actor); Katherine Kelly Lang (daytime actress); Kristoff St. John (daytime actor); Lisa Kudrow (actress); Robert De Niro (actor)

Personality of the Boy Name Julian

The Master Number Twenty-Two combines the traits of Twos and Fours into a powerful force. The references to The Master Builder and "large undertakings" serve to underscore the massive potential of this personality. They are extremely capable and therefore almost always successful. Twenty-Twos are courageous leaders, innovative thinkers, extremely wise and highly organized. As such, they are able to manifest something of major importance that will have a lasting impact on this world. Master Numbers carry with them a great sense of responsibility, so it can be a burden. However, Twenty-Twos are executors and action-takers. Further, this personality exhibits traits of the Twos, which brings sensitivity, spirituality and harmony, so their endeavors are likely to benefit mankind in some capacity.

Variations of the Baby Name - Julian

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