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Quick Facts on Manuel

  • Gender:
  • Boy
  • Origin:
  • Spanish
  • Number of syllables:
  • 2
  • Ranking popularity:
  • 246
mah-NWEL or mahn-yoo-EL
Simple meaning:
God is with us

Characteristics of Manuel

  • Communicative
  • Creative
  • Optimistic
  • Popular
  • Social
  • Dramatic
  • Happy

Etymology & Historical Origin - Manuel

The name Manuel is the Spanish and Portuguese version of the Hebrew name Emmanuel. The name Emmanuel comes from the Old Testament, in the Book of Isaiah, in reference to the promised Messiah. “Therefore the Lord himself will give you a sign. Behold, the virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel” [Isaiah 7:14]. The name also appears in the New Testament in the Gospel According to Matthew (1:23) by recounting the original prophet’s words and adding that Immanuel means “God is with us.” The Hebrew word “El” means ‘God’ and “immānū” means ‘with us.’ The name Manuel has been around since the 12th century, and was borne by two Byzantium Emperors of Constantinople. Manual I of Komnenos reigned during a critical point in the Byzantium and the Mediterranean history as he assisted the Second Crusaders from the west and expanded his empire through aggressive foreign policies. Manuel was also the name of two Kings of Portugal and several Mexican presidents.

Popularity of the Name Manuel

Interestingly, the name Manuel has been in use in America longer than the older Hebrew name Emmanuel. Manuel dates back to 1880, the first year the U.S. government began tracking naming trends. Not only that, but Manuel has enjoyed consistent moderate-high usage for well very a century. Mainly influenced by the Hispanic and Latino populations in the United States, the name has experienced remarkably steady usage (rather than slow growth as we’ve seen with other Spanish-influenced male names). Manuel is ranked #15 most popular boy’s name in Spain (2009) and in Mexico (while they prefer Emmanuel/Emanuel); Manuel is an often-used second name, as in José Manuel, Victor Manuel or Juan Manuel. In America, Manuel is a Top 100 favorite boy name in the state of New Mexico, which also happens to be the state with the highest concentration of Latinos (46% in 2010). The nickname Manny is also commonly used for little boys named Manuel. Manuel has that ever-elusive “coolness” factor about it; it’s a manly name. And the “God is with us” etymology serves as a nice reminder for those of the religious persuasion.
Popularity of the Boy Name Manuel
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Cultural References to the Baby Name - Manuel

  • Literary Characters of the baby name Manuel

    Literary Characters of the Baby Name Manuel

    Manuel (The Call of the Wild) Manuel is the gardener to Judge Miller, who starts the action by stealing and selling the dog, Buck, in Jack London’s most popular work, The Call of the Wild, published in 1903. But he really isn’t a bad guy – he just needs the money to pay his gambling-habit debts and feed his family, and he truly agonizes over it, regretting his part in betraying the trust of a fine animal. And, after all, Buck encounters a whole new life in the wild and finds his métier, transforming from a pampered doggie into a true son of wolves. For his sins, Manuel pays dearly, with imprisonment and heart rending remorse, and we’re on his side.

  • Popular Songs on Manuel

    Popular Songs on Manuel

    All My Love (Richard Manuel Is Dead) - a song by Counting Crows

    Danko/Manuel - a song by Drive-By Truckers

  • Children's Books on the Baby Name Manuel

    Children's Books on the Baby Name Manuel

    Guillermo Jorge Manuel José (Mem Fox) - School Library Journal says: “A poignant, winning story from Australia of a young boy who relates to several elderly people with unique personalities in a nursing home near his house. With its distinctive illustrations and positive message, this book will be a valuable addition to any Spanish picture-book collection.” Recommended for ages 4-8.

    I Wish I Was Strong Like Manuel/ Quisiera ser fuerte como Manuel (Kathryn Heling) - In this series you will find what hilarious lengths friends use to be like the other. Sometimes the things that make you an individual are the things that you'd like to change while others envy. The "I Wish" books provide the backdrop that lets both serious and not-so serious discussions flow naturally. Imagine that! See other books in the series: I Wish I Was Tall Like Manuel / Quisiera ser tan alto como Manuel, I Wish I Had Freckles Like Abby / Quisiera tener pecas como Abby, I Wish I Had Glasses Like Rosa / Quisiera tener lentes como Rosa. All presented with full text in both English and Spanish ending with a keyword vocabulary page. Like two books in one. Recommended for ages 4-8.

    Manuel and the Lobsterman (Cat Urbain) - Sometimes two unlikely people make the best of friends. A sleepy town on the coast of Maine is the last place where thirteen-year-old Manuel wants to spend his summer. He'd give anything to be back in New Haven, with the greatest pizza in the world and a twelve-theater Cineplex around the corner from his house. So far, the only thing that Manuel has found to do is watch Zeke, a cranky old lobsterman, unload his boat. Manuel soon discovers that even sleepy New England towns can bring trouble. In a twist of fate, Manuel's future hinges on Zeke, who has a big secret that could yield a lot of money if he and Manuel can make it to an island and a lagoon filled with "black gold." This fast-paced adventure features two unforgettable characters and a plot that grabs the reader at every turn. Recommended for ages 9-12.

    Manuel and the Madman (Gerald W. Haslam) - Half-Chicano and Half-Anglo, Manuel Ryan Survives Seventh Grade... After his parents separate, 12-year-old Manuel Ryan moves in with his Latina grandmother. Her slowly intgrating barrio offers the boy rich experiences, and an aging neighbor, Mr. Samuelian -- "the madman" -- becomes the boy's friend and mentor. Manuel is one of the few blonds at Our Lady of Guadalupe School as he enters junior high, and he faces challenges that range from his emerging sexuality, to the increasing threat of gangs. Along the way, he learns not only to value his own mixed heritage, but also that he is one of many blended Californians. Includes a Spanish-English glossary of words in the book. Recommended for ages 9-12.

  • Famous People Named Manuel

    Famous People Named Manuel

    Famous People Named Manuel - Manny Ramírez (baseball player); Manny Puig (wildlife educator/conservationist); Manuel Roxas (former President of the Philippines); Manuel Rivera-Ortiz (photographer); Manuel Ávila Camacho (former President of Mexico); Manuel "Manny" Corpas (baseball player); Manuel de Falla (composer); Manuel González Flores (former President of Mexico); Manuel Lee (baseball player); Manuel María Lombardini (former President of Mexico); Manuel Gómez Pedraza (former President of Mexico); Manuel Robles Pezuela (former President of Mexico); Manuel L. Quezon (former President of the Philippines)

  • Children of Famous People Named Manuel

    Children of Famous People Named Manuel

    Famous People who Named their Son Manuel - We cannot find any celebrities or famous people who have named their child Manuel.

  • Historic Figures

    Manuel - Boy Baby Name - Historic Figures

    Manuel - We cannot find any historically significant people with the first name Manuel.

Personality of the Boy Name Manuel

The Three energy is powerful and enthusiastic. These personalities are cheerful, full of self-expression, and often quite emotional. They have an artistic flair and "gift-of-gab" that makes them natural entertainers. Their joyfulness bubbles over, and their infectious exuberance draws a crowd. The Three personality is like a child - forever young and full of delight. They are charming, witty, and generally happy people. The Three personality lives in the "now" and has a spontaneous nature. Threes seem to live with a bright and seemingly unbreakable aura that attracts others to them. In turn, they are deeply loyal and loving to their friends and family. Luck also has a tendency to favor number Threes.

Variations of the Baby Name - Manuel

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