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Quick Facts on Mekhi

  • Gender:
  • Boy
  • Origin:
  • African-American
  • Number of syllables:
  • 2
  • Ranking popularity:
  • 513
mә-KYE or MEK-ee
Simple meaning:
Who is like God?

Characteristics of Mekhi

  • Independent
  • Individualistic
  • Ambitious
  • Strong-willed
  • Inventive
  • Successful

Etymology & Historical Origin - Mekhi

Mekhi is a modern invention popularized by the American actor Mekhi Phifer, most known for his role on the TV medical drama “ER” (2002-2008) and his co-starring roles in the slasher sequel “I Still Know What You Did Last Summer” (1998) and Eminem’s film “8 Mile” (2002). Prior to the emergence of this talented actor on the Hollywood stage, the name Mekhi had not been used. Hailing from Harlem, New York in the mid-1970s, Mekhi’s name was probably coined by his mother from the name Michael. The name Michael is derived from the Hebrew word “mikha'el” which (oddly enough) translates into a question: “Who is like God?” It seems odd to have a first name that basically asks a question, right? However, the question is assumed to be rhetorical. The implied answer is clear: no one is like God. Therefore, the translation of the name Michael is often one of humility. Michael was one of the archangels who stood close to God and carried out His judgments, and as a protector of the ancient Hebrews. Michael was the chief leader of the angels who fought and defeated the dragon (i.e., the devil), hurling him from heaven. As such, he became of symbol of the Church Militant and a patron saint of soldiers. The name Michael conveys a sense of power, bravery and strength by its translated meaning; but also a symbol of humility expressed very simply by that inconspicuous question mark. It has been a common trend within the African-American community to add their own flair to borrowed names and/or create outright inventions.

Popularity of the Name Mekhi

The name Mekhi made his debut on the U.S. male naming charts in 1998, the same year he had a co-starring role in the teen-slasher movie sequel “I Still Know What You Did Last Summer” which was probably the film that brought him the most exposure early in his career. Mekhi remained in the public eye during his stint on “ER” and the movie “8 Mile” – all the while bringing attention to his unusual name. Parents across America obviously took notice, because the name kept climbing in popularity right along with Mekhi’s career. The name reached its peak popularity in 2004 and 2005 at position # 344 on the charts. While this is by no means a widely used name, the growth in usage has been remarkable nonetheless. In the past five plus years, Mekhi has been on the decline. His glory days are probably past now; we’ll have to wait and see. Mekhi is a modern, ethnic twist on a time-tested favorite (Michael). Is your little Mekhi like God? You tell us.
Popularity of the Boy Name Mekhi
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Cultural References to the Baby Name - Mekhi

  • Literary Characters of the baby name Mekhi

    Literary Characters of the Baby Name Mekhi

    Mekhi We cannot find any significant literary characters with the first name Mekhi.

  • Popular Songs on Mekhi

    Popular Songs on Mekhi

    Mekhi - We cannot find any popular or well-known songs featuring the name Mekhi.

  • Children's Books on the Baby Name Mekhi

    Children's Books on the Baby Name Mekhi

    Mekhi - We cannot find any children’s books featuring a character named Mekhi.

  • Famous People Named Mekhi

    Famous People Named Mekhi

    Famous People Named Mekhi - Mekhi Phifer (actor)

  • Children of Famous People Named Mekhi

    Children of Famous People Named Mekhi

    Famous People Who Named Their Son Mekhi - We cannot find any celebrities or famous people who have named their child Mekhi.

  • Historic Figures

    Mekhi - Boy Baby Name - Historic Figures

    Mekhi - We cannot find any historically significant people with the first name Mekhi.

Personality of the Boy Name Mekhi

The number one personality is a leader - strong and competitive. They are willing to initiate action and take risks. One personalities work hard toward their endeavors and have the ability to apply their creative and innovative thinking skills with strong determination. They believe in their ability to succeed and are too stubborn to be hindered by obstacles. Ones meet obstacles head-on with such mental vigor and energy that you better step aside. They resent taking orders, so don't try telling them what to do either. This is an intensely active personality, but they are also known as starters rather than finishers. They have a propensity to become bored and will move quickly to the next project if not properly challenged.  They are the ones to think up and put into action new and brilliant ideas, but they are not the ones to stick around and manage them. This personality has an enthusiastic and pioneering spirit. They are distinctly original.

Variations of the Baby Name - Mekhi

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