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Quick Facts on Noa

  • Gender:
  • Girl
  • Origin:
  • Hebrew
  • Number of syllables:
  • 2
  • Ranking popularity:
  • N/A
Simple meaning:
Rest, comfort (Hebrew); My love (Japanese)

Characteristics of Noa

  • Communicative
  • Creative
  • Optimistic
  • Popular
  • Social
  • Dramatic
  • Happy

Etymology & Historical Origin - Noa

Noa is a name with two possible etymologies. For one, it’s the female form of Noah in Hebrew. Most etymologists believe the name is derived from the Hebrew “Noach” (נוֹחַ) which means “rest” or “comfort.” Such a translation appears to be supported by the Bible (Genesis 5:29). As Noah’s own father says: "this one shall bring us relief from our work and from the painful toil of our hands." As we all know, Noah is a significant and central character in the Book of Genesis, selected by God Himself as a good and righteous man who alone with his family and all species of animals two-by-two are spared from extinction in the Great Flood. As instructed by Yahweh, Noah built a great Ark which carried them all to safety. Afterwards, as a sign of His covenant, the Lord placed a rainbow in the sky; and a dove brought Noah an olive branch as a symbol of impending peace. If you take the Bible at face value, all Homo sapiens are descended from Noah’s children (and Noah is descended from Seth, Adam and Eve’s third son after Cain and Abel). Alternately, Noa is also considered a Japanese female name derived from the kanji 乃 (“no”, a possessive particle) and 愛 (“a”, love, affection) therefore meaning “my love”. Both possible origins of this name are indeed positively comforting! Right now, Noa is a very popular baby girl’s name in Spain and Catalonia. It is also used heavily in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Popularity of the Name Noa

In the United States, Noa has never been bestowed with enough frequency to land a position on America’s Top 1000 list (although she’s awfully close right now). The name was given to almost 240 baby girls in 2012, but she still remains a relatively rare choice. The connection to Noah makes the female Noa a lovely choice for Jews and Christians alike, and the Japanese etymology is simply darling. This tiny little three-lettered lady packs a lot of punch in her simplicity. Noa is confident without being ostentatious. Feminine without being flowery. An all-around beautiful, understated choice with a serene sensibility.
Popularity of the Girl Name Noa
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Cultural References to the Baby Name - Noa

  • Literary Characters of the baby name Noa

    Literary Characters of the Baby Name Noa

    Noa We cannot find any significant literary characters with the first name Noa.

  • Popular Songs on Noa

    Popular Songs on Noa

    A Song for Noa - a song by Bosson

    El Noa Noa - a song by Juan Gabriel

    Night Song for Noa - a song by Patrick O'Keefe

  • Children's Books on the Baby Name Noa

    Children's Books on the Baby Name Noa

    Noa - We cannot find any children’s books featuring a character named Noa.

  • Famous People Named Noa

    Famous People Named Noa

    Famous People Named Noa - Noa (Israeli singer)

  • Children of Famous People Named Noa

    Children of Famous People Named Noa

    Famous People Who Named Their Daughter Noa - We cannot find any celebrities or famous people who have named their child Noa.

Personality of the Girl Name Noa

The Three energy is powerful and enthusiastic. These personalities are cheerful, full of self-expression, and often quite emotional. They have an artistic flair and "gift-of-gab" that makes them natural entertainers. Their joyfulness bubbles over, and their infectious exuberance draws a crowd. The Three personality is like a child - forever young and full of delight. They are charming, witty, and generally happy people. The Three personality lives in the "now" and has a spontaneous nature. Threes seem to live with a bright and seemingly unbreakable aura that attracts others to them. In turn, they are deeply loyal and loving to their friends and family. Luck also has a tendency to favor number Threes.

Variations of the Baby Name - Noa

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