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Quick Facts on Odin

  • Gender:
  • Boy
  • Origin:
  • Nordic
  • Number of syllables:
  • 2
  • Ranking popularity:
  • 573
Simple meaning:
Poetic fury

Characteristics of Odin

  • Humanitarian
  • Community-minded
  • Family-oriented
  • Loving
  • Affectionate
  • Compassionate
  • Sensitive

Etymology & Historical Origin - Odin

Odin is one of the chief gods of Norse mythology. The Odin we’re most familiar with is the one inspired by the Viking Age but this god was originally formed in Germanic mythologies before the Common Era as Wōđinaz widely associated with the concept of “poetic fury” – alternately meaning “excited, manic, violent” and “mind, wit, soul”. In other words, Odin is generally viewed as both frenzied and wise. By the Viking Age (8th to 12th centuries) he became more fully developed as the Old Norse Óðinn. In the beginning, Odin was regarded as the Father of all gods and men, a wise seer with all-knowing mental agility, the gift of shape-shifting and the ability to travel to any of the nine Nordic realms. Each day Odin would send his two ravens across the land to spy and return revealing vital information about the happenings of the world. By the Viking Age, Odin became associated with war and battle; he presided over Valhalla (“hall of the slain”), the place where all Nordic heroes went after glorious death in brave battle. The souls of the heroes of Valhalla were preparing for Ragnarök, a great battle where many gods would die (including Odin, Thor and Loki) and when the earth would fall under water before being renewed again. During Ragnarök, Odin was swallowed whole by the monstrous wolf Fenrir. When the Romans came in contact with the Scandinavians they correlated Odin with Mercury, their god of trade, commerce and gain (and they related the Nordic god Thor to Mars, the god of war). For more information on the mythologies of Odin, please see literary references below. The mythological name Odin is a Top 100 favorite in Norway and used with mild frequency in the United States, Canada and Australia.

Popularity of the Name Odin

Oddly enough the name Odin appeared once on the American male naming charts in 1884 but we consider this an aberration. His next appearance on the charts would not come for another 123 years in 2008. The name still ranks low on the charts, but at least it can take solace in the fact that it’s on there at all. Odin is both mythological and heroic in terms of masculine name choices, but it remains unusual. Americans are more likely to embrace names from Greco-Roman or Celtic mythology rather than Scandinavian or Germanic. And you’d be hard-pressed to find a Norse god more prominent than Odin (until we see Thor or Loki on the charts which is not likely). Odin is not a name for every parent – and we’re sure you’ll hear about the similarity in sounds to “odor” – but it’s off-beat and different enough to be interesting. A great choice for Scandinavian-American parents who want to show off a little bit of their colorful heritage.
Popularity of the Boy Name Odin
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Cultural References to the Baby Name - Odin

  • Literary Characters of the baby name Odin

    Literary Characters of the Baby Name Odin

    Odin (Norse Mythology) Odin is a major god in Norse mythology who has quite a respectable resume, being the god of war, death, deceit, poetry and wisdom – quite an eclectic mix! Odin endured self-inflicted hardships in order to attain his exalted position, including hanging himself on the “world tree” for nine days. He also fathered the thunder god, Thor (among other offspring), and was the architect of the Valhalla, the hall of those who died heroically in battle. Odin carries a magical spear, wears a self-reproducing ring, rides an eight-legged horse, is accompanied everywhere by two wolves and also has two ravens who fly around the world everyday bringing back news updates. Oh, and did we mention, he only has one eye, but sees just fine? Sounds like a fun guy! Among his saving graces is the belief that he was the early model for Santa Claus, when merged with the Christian St. Nicholas, and that his one many-legged steed morphed into the eight reindeer. Sounds good to us.

  • Popular Songs on Odin

    Popular Songs on Odin

    Odin Owns Ye All - a song by Einherjer

  • Children's Books on the Baby Name Odin

    Children's Books on the Baby Name Odin

    D'Aulaires' Book of Norse Myths (Ingri d'Aulaire & Edgar Parin d'Aulaire) - The Norse myths are some of the greatest stories of all time. Weird monsters, thoroughly human gods, elves and sprites and gnomes, with grim giants nursing ancient grudges lurking behind—the mysterious and entrancing world of Norse myth comes alive in these pages thanks to the spellbinding storytelling and spectacular pictures of the incomparable d'Aulairse. In this classic book, the art of the Caldecott Award—winning authors of d'Aulaires' Book of Greek Myths, a longtime favorite of children and parent, reaches one of its pinnacles. It offers a way into a world of fantasy and struggle and charm that has served as inspiration for Marvel Comics and the Lord of the Rings. Recommended for ages 5-8.

    Odin (Shannon Eric Denton) - Short tales of Norse myths. Odin became the most powerful Norse god due to his immense knowledge. The myth of how he became the All-father of the Norse gods is retold in this brilliantly illustrated Norse myth. Recommended for ages 8-11.

    Odin"s Light: The Zeke Proper Chronicles: Book One (Brad Cameron) - “Hold the stones high, let their light shine, and live!” Zeke and his little brother, Devon, are in a monsterous amount of trouble. The devious figure who is responsible for it all is Loki, the mischeveous trickster god of Norse myth and greatest enemy of the All Father, Odin. After being summoned by the ancient inhabitants of Alder Cove, Loki sends his daughter the Korrigan, a hideous monster who inhabits the cold, dark waters of the Stick River. Prosperity follows. But now, after many years of dark violence, Zeke and Devon stumble upon the Korrigan’s lair and its hidden secrets, unveiling a horrid past of deceit, black magic, and murder. Now, only Odin’s Light can save them. Recommended for ages 14+

    RuneWarriors: Shield of Odin (James Jennewein & Tom S. Parker) - Dane is 100% Viking. He's courageous. Tough. But he has a big problem. He needs to choose a nickname. Dane the Dangerous? Dane the Despicable? He just can't decide. Even his best friends, Drott the Dim and Fulnir the Stinking, aren't any help. But when Dane witnesses his proud father shamed by the tyrant Thidrek the Terrifying, Dane's indignation earns him a moniker that sticks—Dane the Defiant. So defiant is Dane that when Thidrek kidnaps Dane's beloved Astrid in hopes of trading her for Thor's Hammer, the ancient, magical weapon of mass destruction, Dane goes after him like a bat out of Valhalla. Navigating treacherous seas, a nasty smiting by the gods, and a rather lonely frost giant, Dane and his rowdy band of Norsemen will stop at nothing to end Thidrek's terrifying reign and take their place among the greatest Viking heroes of all time. Recommended for ages 8-12.

    The Children of Odin (Padraic Colum) - The Children of Odin: Nordic Gods and Heroes (1920) is a lyrical introduction to the myths and epic legends of the ancient Scandinavians. Fusing the disparate mythic accounts of his medieval sources, Irish-American poet Padraic Colum fashions a powerful tale of the divine adventures of gods and men, locked in an inexorable march of fate. Written in a style accessible to both children and adults, Colum's work offers a haunting and evocative portrait of the mythic world of the Viking Age. Recommended for ages young adult.

    The Gift of Odin (Marion Quednau) - A young girl's undying devotion to her offbeat pet sets the stage for this madcap story. Tammy loves her pig. But not everyone thinks a Vietnamese pot-belly is such a great pet. "Give me one good reason to keep that pig!" Mom shouts when Odin eats her garden. Older sister Sonja agrees pigs aren't cool. Even Tammy's dad is losing his patience. With a family meeting looming, Tammy must make a case for keeping Odin. But Tammy and Odin seem doomed to trouble. Perhaps it is foolhardy to paint Odin's toenails. And maybe it's a poor plan to use Mom's best sofa cushions for a think-like-a-pig experiment. And, yes, it probably is a bad idea to drag an anxious Odin to school for Tammy's presentation in Miss Pickles' class. Then, disaster: Odin escapes. Tammy's heartbreak leads to skipping classes and wild searches around the city. When Odin finally turns up, Tammy's family realizes there is a place for a pig -- and a more responsible Tammy -- after all. Recommended for ages 9-12.

    Thor: The Quest for Odin (Len Wein) - When Odin disappears from Asgard, it's up to Thor and the Warriors Three, Balder and Sif to find him! See Thor quest across the vastness of space, through alien worlds and upon the dreaded Doomsday Star! Plus: an unexpected battle between Thor and Odin, father vs. son! Featuring the villainy of the Stone-Men from Saturn and, of course, Loki-on the throne of Asgard itself! Recommended for ages 9-12.

  • Famous People Named Odin

    Famous People Named Odin

    Famous People Named Odin - We cannot find any celebrities or significantly famous people with the first name Odin.

  • Children of Famous People Named Odin

    Children of Famous People Named Odin

    Famous People Who Named Their Son Odin - We cannot find any celebrities or famous people who have named their child Odin.

  • Historic Figures

    Odin - Boy Baby Name - Historic Figures

    Odin - We cannot find any historically significant people with the first name Odin.

Personality of the Boy Name Odin

Romance is the hallmark of the Six personality. They exude nurturing, loving, and caring energy. Sixes are in love with the idea of love in its idealized form - and with their magnetic personalities, they easily draw people toward them. Like the number Two personality, they seek balance and harmony in their life and the world at large. They are conscientious and service-oriented, and a champion for the underdog. These personalities naturally attract money and are usually surrounded by lovely material objects - but their human relationships are always primary. They thrive in giving back to others rather than being motivated by their own desires. This is when they achieve great things. Sixes are natural teachers, ministers and counselors.

Variations of the Baby Name - Odin

  • No Variations Found.
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