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Quick Facts on Oscar

  • Gender:
  • Boy
  • Origin:
  • Celtic, Gaelic, Irish
  • Number of syllables:
  • 2
  • Ranking popularity:
  • 178
AHS-ker or OH-skar
Simple meaning:
Little deer, beloved of deer, god's spear

Characteristics of Oscar

  • Cooperative
  • Considerate
  • Compassionate
  • Nurturing
  • Sensitive
  • Patient
  • Loving
  • Kind
  • Gracious
  • Balanced

Etymology & Historical Origin - Oscar

Occasionally our research turns up information that surprises us. It doesn’t happen often, but it happened with Oscar. We were very surprised to learn that Oscar is actually an Irish name; probably like you, we were under the impression that it had Scandinavian roots. Nope. It’s Gaelic. The name is derived from Irish mythology and spread throughout Europe in the 18th century thanks to the Scottish poet James Macpherson who published an epic work covering the deeds of Irish heroes in what is referred to as the Fenian Cycle of Irish mythology. These works were extremely popular, widely read, and very controversial since Macpherson claimed they came directly from an ancient Gaelic manuscript he uncovered and said to be written by one of the heroes himself. Napoleon Bonaparte was such an enthusiastic fan of the epic, he named his godson Oscar. That boy would eventually become Oscar I King of Sweden and Norway in 1844, thus cementing the name Oscar as a favorite among Scandinavians. But it all started with Oscar, celebrated warrior in Irish mythology, son to the poet Oisín, and grandson to Fionn mac Cumhaill, the leader of the Fianna (hunter-warriors). The Gaelic word “os” means ‘deer’ and “cara” means ‘friend, loved’ – the associations comes from Oscar’s father, Oisín, in reference to the legend that his mother (Oscar’s grandmother) was transformed into a fawn by an evil druid so Oisín was reared in the wild until the age of seven when his father (Finn mac Cumhaill) finds him. Oisín marries the daughter of a sea god, and they produce Oscar – whose name means ‘little dear or beloved of deer’ – and he proves himself a mighty and brave warrior until his unexpected death in battle. It is said that Oscar’s death was the only time his grandfather ever cried. We also might mention that the anglicized version of Fionn mac Cumhaill is “Finn Mac Cool” – so Oscar is descended from the Mac Cools – how cool is that? In Scandinavia, the elements “os” + “ger” mean ‘god’s spear’ which worked out nicely once they adopted the name for themselves. It’s been used as a forename outside of Ireland since the 1800s all thanks again to James Macpherson.

Popularity of the Name Oscar

The name Oscar could be considered a classic in America. Over 100 years ago between 1880 and 1925, the name was a top choice for little boys. Its lowest levels of usage were experienced in the 1960s, but since the early 70s, Oscar has been bouncing back ever so slowly. It still has not reclaimed a spot on the Top 100 list, but it may be headed that way. Interestingly, like the Russian/Slavic name Iván, the current success of the traditionally Irish/Scandinavian name Oscar is actually being driven by the Hispanic-American population. The name is generally rendered with an accent mark over the “O” like Óscar and pronounced more like OH-skar. The Spanish, Portuguese, French, Germans, and Swedes all got the name from the same place: Ireland. Not often does that happen. Oscar is thus a complex and colorful choice in a boy’s name loaded with symbolic meaning. It’s both strong and masculine (like the Irish warrior); and charming and cute (like the little deer).
Popularity of the Boy Name Oscar
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Cultural References to the Baby Name - Oscar

  • Literary Characters of the baby name Oscar

    Literary Characters of the Baby Name Oscar

    Oscar the Grouch (Sesame Street) Ok, so not exactly a literary character, we know. But how can we not mention Oscar the Grouch? Oscar is one of the Muppet characters on the beloved children’s program Sesame Street, and created by the brilliantly imaginative Jim Henson. Oscar is the grumpy, misanthropic, trash-can-dwelling green Muppet who hordes meaningless garbage and displays his grouchy disposition throughout his appearances. He has been known to practice random acts of kindness, but they are rare. Rather, he serves as a foil to teach children the importance of kindness and respect, and in particular, tolerance for others.

  • Popular Songs on Oscar

    Popular Songs on Oscar

    Oscar the Angel - a song by Randy Travis

  • Children's Books on the Baby Name Oscar

    Children's Books on the Baby Name Oscar

    Adios, Oscar! A Butterfly Fable (Peter Elwell) - When Oscar the caterpillar discovers that he will one day become a butterfly, he's overjoyed. And his friend Edna the bookworm encourages his hopes of flying to Mexico with the other Monarch butterflies. To prepare, Oscar learns Spanish and dreams of flying through the purple Sierra Madre Mountains. But when Oscar emerges from his cocoon with stubby little wings, a craving for the taste of designer sweaters -- and the urge to take a spin around the bathroom light bulb-- his dreams are dashed. There will be no trip to Mexico for Oscar -- or will there? Yes there will! How Oscar ignores the limitations of being a moth and learns how to dream like a butterfly is inspirational, liberating -- and hilariously funny. Recommended for ages 4-8.

    Fairy Tales of Oscar Wilde (Oscar Wilde) - One of comic art’s most respected and pioneering artists, well known for his opera adaptations and beautiful fantasy work, P. Craig Russell is in the process of adapting Oscar Wilde’s famous fairy tales in a series of landmark volumes. Recommended reading for ages 10-14.

    Ordinary Oscar (Laura Adkins) - Oscar no longer wants to be just another ordinary snail. He’s bored and wants some excitement. Oscar wants to be FAMOUS! But when a fairy godsnail appears to make his dream come true, Oscar learns to be careful what he wishes for…This hilarious tale about the ups and downs of celebrity is anything but ordinary. Recommended for ages 4-8.

    Oscar & Arabella Series (Neal Layton) - Woolly mammoths Oscar and Arabella are inseparable pals who enjoy "leafy strolls through the pine forest." Ormsby, a woolly rhinoceros, wants to join their social circle and starts to vie for Arabella's affections. When Oscar does handstands, Ormsby shows off by "juggling whilst performing handstands, cartwheels, back-flips and whistling a funny tune." The two foes become so engaged in a jealous stamping of feet and bashing of tusks, they don't notice that disgruntled Arabella has wandered off. This book is part of a larger series of books on Oscar and Arabella. Recommended for ages 4-8.

    Oscar and Olive Osprey: A Family Takes Flight (Janie Suss) - Oscar and Olive Osprey tells the heartwarming story of two ospreys that come to live at the end of Janie Suss' pier on a platform built just for them. Janie watches as the two ospreys build their nest, raise three babies, and defend themselves and their offspring against predators. In addition to the exciting story, readers learn about ospreys' habitats, migration patterns, and other fun and interesting facts. As the young birds learn to hide, fly, and catch fish-all at a different pace and with different levels of success-children can relate to their own learning experiences. Filled with amazing color photographs, Oscar and Olive Osprey will delight children and parents alike, and inspire an emotional connection between their own lives and the lives of these beautiful creatures. Recommended for ages 9-12.

    Oscar and the Frog: A Book About Growing (Geoff Waring) - A first science book that introduce young readers to core science concepts through fresh, graphic illustrations, engaging stories, and supplemental activity suggestions. Oscar is a curious kitten, and at the pond he is full of questions about growing things. Luckily, Frog can help with the answers — after all, he’s gone through some impressive changes himself! From butterflies to ducks, plants to kittens like him, Oscar finds out how living things begin, why they eat, and how they grow. Includes lesson summaries! This book is part of a series which also includes the following books: Oscar and the Bat: A Book About Sound; Oscar and the Cricket: A Book About Moving and Rolling; Oscar and the Snail: A Book About Things That We Use; Oscar and the Bird: A Book about Electricity; Oscar and the Moth: A Book About Light and Dark. Recommended for ages 4-8.

    Oscar and the Mooncats (Lynda Gene Rymond) - Oscar the cat loves his boy. He also loves to climb way up where he can see everything. He jumps onto the fridge, onto the bookshelf, and onto the roof of the garage, but if he jumps just a little bit higher, his view would be out of this world. With the mightiest leap of his life, Oscar makes it all the way to the moon. Oscar makes some new friends there. Recommended for ages 4-8.

    Oscar Otter (Nathaniel Benchley) - With the aid of a friendly beaver, a daring little otter saves himself from being eaten by a hungry fox and learns the wisdom of listening to his father’s advice. Recommended for ages 4-8.

    Oscar Wilde Stories for Children (P.J Lynch) - Six classic tales for children by Oscar Wilde, illustrated by P.J. Lynch—winner of the Kate Greenaway Award, the Mother Goose Award, and three-time winner of the Christopher Award—and illustrator of The Steadfast Tin Soldier. P.J. Lynch's atmospheric artwork perfectly captures the timeless quality of Oscar Wilde's much loved tales for young readers. This timeless collection includes The Selfish Giant, The Nightingale and the Rose, The Devoted Friend, The Happy Prince, The Remarkable Rocket, and The Young King. Recommended for ages 4-8.

    Oscar's Party (Etsuko Watanabe) - Who can resist a birthday party? There are presents to wrap, balloons to blow up, and don't forget the ingredients for the cake. Before long, it's time to celebrate! With more than twenty flaps to open plus wheels to turn, young readers will love helping Oscar's family get ready for his birthday. Recommended for ages 4-8.

    Oscar's Spots (Janet Robertson) - Oscar wishes he could get rid of his boring spots. One day he discovers an unusual magic shop and soon becomes a leopard unlike any other. But will Oscar's new look really make him happy? Recommended for ages 4-8.

    Oscar, Cat-About-Town (James Herriot) - Oscar is a good-natured stray cat, left by a little girl with the Herriots to be nursed back to health. The country veterinarian and his wife take him into their home, and soon he has become part of their family. But before too long, Oscar starts setting off on his own--running away, only to turn up in the funniest places. Oscar, Cat-About-Town, the newest children's story by James Herriot, is sure to become another classic; illustrated with the rich, colorful artwork of Ruth Brown, it will win the hearts of readers young and old. Recommended for ages 4-8.

    Super Oscar (Oscar De La Hoya) - It's Oscar's job to tell everyone what to bring to the neighborhood picnic. But the young daydreamer forgot to hand out the lists. Now there won't be any food or games. But with determination, some lightning-fast moves, and fancy footwork, Oscar saves the day! This humorous story grew out of Oscar De La Hoya's recollection of the neighborhood picnics that were an important part of his own childhood. Super Oscar also features exercise tips and fitness advice. Recommended for ages 4-8.

    Talk, Oscar, Please! (Karen Kaufman Orloff) - A dog is a man's (and a child's) best friend--but it's tough when your best friend can only bark, yip, growl, and howl! Young readers will empathize with this sweet and funny story of a boy who begs his dog to talk. Tim Bowers' humorous pictures give a glimpse of what life might be like if dogs could crack jokes, chat on the phone, and even sing lullabies! Recommended for ages 4-8.

  • Famous People Named Oscar

    Famous People Named Oscar

    Famous People Named Oscar - Oscar I of Sweden (king of Sweden and Norway); Oscar II of Sweden (king of Sweden and Norway); Oscar De La Hoya (boxer); Oscar de la Renta (fashion designer); Oscar Levant (pianist/composer/actor); Oscar Robertson (basketball player); Óscar Romero (martyred priest); Oskar Schindler (German industrialist who saved his Jewish workers from the Holocaust); Oscar Traynor (former commander of the Dublin brigade IRA); Óscar Villarreal (baseball player); Oscar Wilde (Irish writer and poet); Oscar Charleston (baseball player); Oscar Arias Sanchez (Nobel Prize winner, peace); Oscar (soccer player)

  • Children of Famous People Named Oscar

    Children of Famous People Named Oscar

    Famous People who Named their Son Oscar - Boz Scaggs (musician); Dan Aykroyd (comic/actor); Hugh Jackman (actor); Oscar Arias Sanchez (former president of Costa Rica)

  • Historic Figures

    Oscar - Boy Baby Name - Historic Figures

    Oskar Schindler (28 Apr 1908 – 9 Oct 1974) - Oskar Schindler is most known for his heroism during WWII when he saved hundreds of Jews in Poland and Czechoslovakia from certain death by employing them in his factory. Born in 1908 in the former Austro-Hungarian Empire (now modern-day Czech Republic), he was the son of a factory owner and a homemaker. Among his early childhood friends were two sons of a neighborhood Rabbi. His growth into early adulthood coincided with the Hitler/Nazi Party rise to power. In 1935, Schindler was guilty of joining a pro-Nazi group, but more for pragmatic business reasons. After Germany’s invasion into Poland in 1939 (which immediately led to Great Britain and France’s declaration of war on Germany), the ever-shrewd businessman arrived in Krakow looking for ways to profit from the conflict. Schindler quickly made friends with key Nazi officers by offering them black-market items such as alcohol and tobacco. He eventually purchased a bankrupt kitchenware factory and employed a Jewish accountant who would become his close friend: Itzhak Stern. He hired Jewish labor and would eventually use his factory to protect the Jews from deportment to the concentration camps. Thanks to the relations he orchestrated early on, he was able to bribe key officers to retain his workers. In early 1944 the announcement came regarding the plans to turn all labor camps into concentration camps, but Schindler was once again successful with his bribes. He would move his factory to Czechoslovakia with his workers and manufacture vital supplies for Hitler’s army. This is when he was asked to produce his infamous list, “Schindler’s List”, of those workers he wanted to take with him. That list contained 1,100 Jews. In the new factory, under Schindler’s leadership, not one useful piece of war equipment was ever produced. He purposefully sabotaged his own products to make sure they failed quality control tests thus thwarting the effort of the Third Reich by at least some measure. When the war finally ended, he had single-handedly saved hundreds of Jews. And they never forgot him. Jewish organizations would financially and spiritually support this “Righteous Gentile” for the rest of his life and he would eventually be buried in Israel at his death in 1974. His services were attended by 500 Schindlerjuden, and thanks to Oskar Schindler, more than six thousand Holocaust survivors and their descendants were alive in the 1990s to tell the remarkable story of "Schindler's List."

Personality of the Boy Name Oscar

The Number 2 personality in numerology is all about cooperation and balance. It's the number of diplomats and mediators. They are not leaders, but strive rather for harmony in partnerships. These are the peacemakers. Equality and fairness are important in their dealings, and they are willing to share power and responsibility to achieve a harmonious outcome. This personality is calm and patient, waiting for things to evolve instead of pushing aggressively for an outcome. They are good-natured and easy-going, and care deeply on an emotional and spiritual plane. Twos appreciate beauty and nature and are intent on making the world a better place.

Variations of the Baby Name - Oscar

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