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Quick Facts on Ricardo

  • Gender:
  • Boy
  • Origin:
  • Spanish
  • Number of syllables:
  • 3
  • Ranking popularity:
  • 254
Simple meaning:
Hardy/Powerful Leader

Characteristics of Ricardo

  • Freedom-loving
  • Adventurous
  • Adaptable
  • Intellectual
  • Easygoing
  • Progressive
  • Sensual

Etymology & Historical Origin - Ricardo

Ricardo is the Spanish and Portuguese form of Richard. Richard is a name that was introduced to England in the 11th century by way of the French Normans (where it was first adopted as Rycharde in Middle English). Richard/Ricardo is Germanic in origin, derived from the nearly synonymous elements “rīc” meaning “ruler (powerful)” and “hard” meaning “strong, hardy, brave”. The name was probably introduced to the Iberian Peninsula by way of Germanic (Visigothic) invaders and settlers. With an etymology like “powerful, brave” it’s no wonder people of different ethnic groups would find it appealing. The name eventually developed into Ricardo in the Spanish and Portuguese tongues (Riccardo in Italian). Rico is the common pet form.

Popularity of the Name Ricardo

Ricardo first appeared sporadically on the U.S. Top 1000 list of baby boy’s names starting in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. As the Hispanic-American population has grown significantly, so too has the usage of Ricardo. Never a Top 100 name, Ricardo came awfully close in 1992 when he was ranked #115 nationwide. As far as Spanish names in America are concerned, this one is quite popular. The only other Spanish masculine names we see with higher rankings today are: Ángel, José, Xavier, Luis, Juan, Carlos, Jesús, Diego, Santiago, Miguel, Mateo, Alejandro, Jorge, Eduardo, Cristian and Francisco. Ricardo is a winner.
Popularity of the Boy Name Ricardo
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Cultural References to the Baby Name - Ricardo

  • Literary Characters of the baby name Ricardo

    Literary Characters of the Baby Name Ricardo

    Ricardo We cannot find any significant literary characters with the first name Ricardo.

  • Popular Songs on Ricardo

    Popular Songs on Ricardo

    Ricardo - We cannot find any popular or well-known songs featuring the name Ricardo.

  • Children's Books on the Baby Name Ricardo

    Children's Books on the Baby Name Ricardo

    Ricardo the Fierce (Tony Welty) - Have you ever felt like you didn't belong? Many of us, at some point in our lives, have experienced life as an outsider. Ricardo the Fierce is the touching story of an unusually small butterfly whose early struggles promise a life of unending challenge. But something marvelous happens as Ricardo's parents love him fiercely, nurturing and embracing him as a beautiful creature of God. Their compassion instills in Ricardo a confident spirit that is larger than life itself. In Ricardo the Fierce, the Rev. Tony Welty offers a modern day parable of how the beauty of belonging overcomes the despair of rejection. Ricardo the Fierce is a story of struggle, nurture and hospitality, a story you won't soon forget. Recommended for ages 4-8.

    Ricardo's Race (Diane Gonzales Bertrand) - Ricardo Romo never dreamed that running to catch the school bus would lead to a college education, and ultimately, to a long and respected career as a teacher, administrator, and university president. He grew up in San Antonio, Texas, the son of Mexican immigrants, and worked in his family's small grocery store, where he learned to work hard and respect his family and neighbors. In school he learned that, as a Latino, he was expected to go to the technical high school rather than the one that prepared students for college, yet his teachers and coaches encouraged him to pursue his studies. They also fostered his natural athletic abilities as a runner. Recommended for ages 8-11.

  • Famous People Named Ricardo

    Famous People Named Ricardo

    Famous People Named Ricardo - Ricardo Montalbán (Mexican actor); Ricardo Mello (Bazilian tennis player); Ricardo Hocevar (Brazilian tennis player); Ricardo Arjona (Guatemalan singer); Ricardo Zonta (Brazilian racecar driver); Ricardo Lagos (former President of Chile); Ricardo Montaner (Venezuelan singer); Ricardo Carvalho (Portuguese footballer); Ricardo Cortez (American actor)

  • Children of Famous People Named Ricardo

    Children of Famous People Named Ricardo

    Famous People who Named Their Son Ricardo - We cannot find any celebrities or famous people who have named their child Ricardo.

  • Historic Figures

    Ricardo - Boy Baby Name - Historic Figures

    Ricardo - We cannot find any historically significant people with the first name Ricardo.

Personality of the Boy Name Ricardo

The number Five personality loves the excitement of life and can easily adapt to all situations. As natural adventurers, these personalities thrive on the new and unexpected and prefer to be in constant motion. It makes them feel alive. They'll stir up some action if there's not enough around, and as inherent risk-takers they enjoy pushing the envelope. Naturally rebellious, the Five personality has no fear and never resists change.  Traveling and new experiences feed their souls. Fives are very social and attract friends with ease. People love to be around the Five fun-loving and exciting energy.  This is also a lucky number in numerology (like the Threes), so fortune seems to shine on them, helped along by their own optimism and good-nature. Fives have a quick wit, a cerebral mind, and are generally very persuasive. 

Variations of the Baby Name - Ricardo

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