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Quick Facts on Robinson

  • Gender:
  • Boy
  • Origin:
  • English
  • Number of syllables:
  • 3
  • Ranking popularity:
  • N/A
Simple meaning:
Son of Robin (Robert)

Characteristics of Robinson

  • Mystical
  • Wise
  • Eccentric
  • Intuitive
  • Imaginative
  • Philosophical
  • Solitary

Etymology & Historical Origin - Robinson

Robinson is the transferred use of an English patronymic surname into a masculine personal name. It means, quite obviously, “son of Robin” – Robin being a medieval English nickname for Robert. Robert comes directly from Hrodberht , an ancient Germanic name derived from the near-synonymous elements “hrod-“ meaning “fame, glory” and “berht” meaning “bright, shining” (i.e., shining-glory or bright with fame). Prior to the Conquest of 1066, the name was rendered as Hreodbeorht in pre-11th century Old Anglo-Saxon before the Normans replaced it with Robert (the name of William the Conquerors rebellious oldest son). As evidenced by an entry in the Domesday Book of 1086, the diminutive Robin appeared very quickly (think: Robin Goodfellow, Robin Hood). The surname Robinson first appeared as “Robines” in the late 13th century and arrived in the New World 15 years after the Mayflower (1635).

Popularity of the Name Robinson

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Popularity of the Boy Name Robinson
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Cultural References to the Baby Name - Robinson

  • Literary Characters of the baby name Robinson

    Literary Characters of the Baby Name Robinson

    Robinson Crusoe (Robinson Crusoe) Robinson Crusoe is the title character of Daniel Defoe’s 1719 novel, Robinson Crusoe (published under a much longer title, and in its first edition attributed to the fictional Crusoe himself). An instant hit, the book has been translated into all manner of media and remains a popular, iconic work to this day. Robinson is a young man of good family who opts to go to sea against his parents’ wishes. Multiple disasters on his various journeys do not dissuade him from the life he has chosen, and ultimately he is shipwrecked on a distant Caribbean island. Robinson’s natural flair for making-do comes to the fore, and he sets about creating a natural habitat that affords him every comfort except human company. This dilemma, too, is solved, when he rescues a prisoner from a neighboring band of cannibals and puts him to work as “my man Friday”. Robinson spends 28 fruitful years on his island, sharpening his survival skills and fostering his growing belief in an all-good and gracious deity. Finally, he is rescued by visiting pirates, with whom he bargains, and goes off to reclaim his fortune from an earlier business venture, taking the ever faithful Friday with him. Robinson Crusoe has provided a role model for youngsters for centuries now, and shows no signs of a decrease in popularity. In the comfortable world we inhabit, he represents the apex of self-reliance and ingenuity – virtues which seem to have lost some of their luster lately, and which deserve a full-scale comeback.

Personality of the Boy Name Robinson

The number Seven personality is deeply mystical and highly in tune with their spirituality. They operate on a different wavelength than the average joe. Spending time alone comes easily to Sevens, as it gives them time to contemplate philosophical, religious and spiritual ideas in an effort to find "real truth".  Sevens are wise, but often exude mystery as if they are tapped into something the rest of us don't understand. They love the outdoors and are fed by nature. Sevens are constantly seeking to understand human nature, our place in the universe, and the mystery of life in general. This makes them quite artistic and poetic, but they are also keen observers with high intellect - so they are equally scientific-minded. Sevens are charitable and care deeply about the human condition.

Variations of the Baby Name - Robinson

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