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Quick Facts on Seymour

  • Gender:
  • Boy
  • Origin:
  • English, French, Latin
  • Number of syllables:
  • 2
  • Ranking popularity:
  • N/A
Simple meaning:
Saint Maurus (dark-skinned; Moorish)

Characteristics of Seymour

  • Authoritative
  • Powerful
  • Tough
  • Tenacious
  • Wealthy
  • Problem-solver
  • Achiever

Etymology & Historical Origin - Seymour

Seymour is an old and distinguished surname originating with a Norman-French family transplanted to England after the Conquest of 1066. As a location-based surname, Seymour developed from Saint-Maur – a small commune in Northern France – which was named after St. Maur (Latin: Maurus). The surname would have been given to those who originally hailed from the small town and relocated to England (for identification purposes). St. Maurus was a 6th century saint and one of the earliest disciples of St. Benedict; he is best known for establishing the first Benedictine monastery in Gaul (present day France). As a result, Saint Maur (as he’s referred to in France) was a popular saint among the medieval French people and many communes throughout France were named after him. St. Maur is also remembered for rescuing a fellow Benedictine monk (St. Placid) from drowning by miraculously running across the surface of a lake. The Latin Maurus basically means “Moor” (a description of the ancient Mauri people of the then-Roman province in northwestern Africa). Maurus is most likely borrowed from a Greek word meaning “dark-skinned” (a descriptive adjective of the Moors). Other names which also derive themselves from Maurus are Moe, Morris, Maurice, Moritz and Mauricio. Seymour, however, developed as a surname specifically in reference to Saint-Maur. The first evidence of the surname appeared in writing in the mid 12th century and was originally rendered “de Sancto Mauro” (later Seimor and Seymor). The Seymour family who arrived to England from Saint-Maur on the heels of William the Conqueror would a few centuries later hold the title of Dukes of Somerset thanks to the generous favors afforded them by King Henry VIII whose third and most favorite wife was a Seymour (Jane Seymour – the only wife to bear the King a male heir beyond infancy).

Popularity of the Name Seymour

Seymour is one of those random names no one really considers anymore. Even when it was in circulation it was never really super fashionable. The name does date back to 1880 on the charts (the first year for which we have available name data), but its popularity was low-moderate at best. Seymour saw most of his usage in the early 1920s when he actually made America’s Top 200 list for a few years. After his 15 minutes of mild fame, Seymour would rapidly decline in usage. In fact, 1947 marks the last year the name even managed to secure a Top 1000 position (in other words, this name has rarely been used for almost 70 years now). Unfashionable and outdated, old Seymour has disappeared from the American naming radar. We no longer Seymour of him; we Seyless.
Popularity of the Boy Name Seymour
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Cultural References to the Baby Name - Seymour

  • Literary Characters of the baby name Seymour

    Literary Characters of the Baby Name Seymour

    Seymour Glass (A Perfect Day for Bananafish) Seymour Glass is the eldest of the Glass children in J. D. Salinger’s highly successful novels and stories featuring the Glass Family, including “A Perfect Day for Bananafish” (1948) and Franny and Zooey (1961), Seymour: an Introduction and Raise High the Roof Beam, Carpenters (1963) and finally, “Hapworth 16, 1924” (1965). In these volumes, Seymour is depicted as a brilliant child prodigy, starring along with the other Glass children on a children’s radio quiz show, attaining a professorship at Columbia at age 20, and serving in World War II. He is a thinker, a philosopher, and a look-up-to-guide to his younger siblings. The world and the devil are all too much for this sensitive soul, however, and after one failed attempt, he successfully commits suicide at the age of 32. To the brothers and sisters he leaves behind, his memory is sacrosanct. In their eyes, and perhaps rightfully so, he is revered as a saint and sorely missed as their spiritual parent.

  • Popular Songs on Seymour

    Popular Songs on Seymour

    Seymour Stein - a song by Belle and Sebastian

    Suddenly Seymour - a song by Little Shop of Horrors

  • Children's Books on the Baby Name Seymour

    Children's Books on the Baby Name Seymour

    Can You See What I See? Seymour and the Juice Box Boat (Walter Wick) - Can you see a turtle, scissors, two spools? Can you see Seymour with a cart full of tools? From Walter Wick, photographer of the best-selling I SPY series comes a book with colorful photos, search-and-find fun, and layers of learning! Recommended for ages 5-8.

  • Famous People Named Seymour

    Famous People Named Seymour

    Famous People Named Seymour - Seymour Cassel (actor); Seymour "Sy" Hersh (journalist)

  • Children of Famous People Named Seymour

    Children of Famous People Named Seymour

    Famous People who Named Their Son Seymour - We cannot find any celebrities or famous people who have named their child Seymour.

  • Historic Figures

    Seymour - Boy Baby Name - Historic Figures

    Seymour - We cannot find any historically significant people with the first name Seymour.

Personality of the Boy Name Seymour

The number Eight personality has everything to do with power, wealth and abundance. Somehow, this personality has been blessed on the material plane, but their authoritative and problem-solving traits provide evidence that their good fortunes are not just the luck of the lottery. They are well earned. This is the personality of CEOs and high-ranking military personnel. Eights are intensely active, hard-driving individuals. Success is only meaningful to them after a job well-done.  They are remarkable in their ability to see the larger picture right down to the smallest details, and organize a strategy around success. They then have the ability to direct a group around them toward any goal, and realize individual potential to get the most out of their team.

Variations of the Baby Name - Seymour

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