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Quick Facts on Tyrone

  • Gender:
  • Boy
  • Origin:
  • Celtic, Gaelic, Irish
  • Number of syllables:
  • 2
  • Ranking popularity:
  • 794
Simple meaning:
Born of the yew

Characteristics of Tyrone

  • Mystical
  • Wise
  • Eccentric
  • Intuitive
  • Imaginative
  • Philosophical
  • Solitary

Etymology & Historical Origin - Tyrone

Tyrone is a name of Irish origin, from the Gaelic “Tír Eoghain” meaning "land of Eoghan". Many etymologists speculate that Eoghan comes from the Irish-Gaelic meaning “born of the yew tree”, while others assume it’s the Irish equivalent of the English Eugene, a name brought to England in the 11th century by way of the Norman-French from the Greek Eugenios (Ευγενιος) meaning “well born, noble”. According to Irish history, Eóghan mac Néill was the 5th century son of Niall of the Nine Hostages (one of the High Kings of Ireland). This clearly predates the presence of the Normans in Ireland, so we like to think the name does indeed mean “born of the yew tree.” The yew tree was sacred to the ancient Celts and revered almost as highly as the oak. They believed the yew symbolized immortality and had certain mystical powers (which is why the ancient Celtic Druids used wood from the yew tree in the construction of their “magic” wands). Eóghan also became an Irish King in his own right and founded the “Tír Eoghain” (present day County Tyrone, Northern Ireland). Tír Eoghain would eventually be anglicized to Tirowen or Tyrowen which is how we arrived at Tyrone. It was a relatively unknown name outside the Irish borders until a handsome Irish-American actor named Tyrone Power achieved fame in the gilded age of Hollywood (1930s-50s). Americans went gangbusters over this name starting in the late 1930s thanks to the matinee idol and romantic star of the silver screen. Later on the name was embraced among African-Americans who maintained its popularity in the 1970s. Today, sadly, Tyrone is largely a forgotten name. Although it still does remarkably well in New Zealand and Australia.

Popularity of the Name Tyrone

If you look at the chart below, you can see how Tyrone achieved almost instant success as a boy’s name in America. As mentioned above, this is all owed to the celebrity of actor Tyrone Power. The name came out of the woodwork in 1937 and soared up the charts with rapid-fire speed. At the end of 1936 a completely unknown actor named Tyrone Power made a name for himself in the film “Lloyd’s of London” – immediately he became a household name. His star power racked up more currency hit after hit and his box office clout in the late 1930s was surpassed only by Mickey Rooney. Parents across America responded by naming scores of baby boys Tyrone as the 1940s got underway. Testament to the name’s appeal, Tyrone maintained a high-moderate position on the charts long after Tyrone Power’s career was over. In fact, the high point of the name’s success came in 1970 when Tyrone was ranked #132 out of 1000. Perhaps never a Top 100 favorite, Tyrone still saw impressive national usage. The name was particularly favored among African-Americans during the 1970s as evidenced by Tyrone’s consistent placement on the Top 100 lists in states where there’s the highest concentration of Blacks (Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama and South Carolina especially). Unfortunately the 21st century has been less kind to this ancient Irish moniker. Popularity has diminished greatly as Tyrone’s drops on the charts have become more pronounced in recent years. We still have hope for his resurrection, although we may have to wait a generation or two before he’s rediscovered. In the meantime, Tyrone is a super cool name that conjures up many positive adjectives for us: handsome, swashbuckling, immortal, magical, strong and confident.
Popularity of the Boy Name Tyrone
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Cultural References to the Baby Name - Tyrone

  • Literary Characters of the baby name Tyrone

    Literary Characters of the Baby Name Tyrone

    Tyrone Slothrop (Gravity's Rainbow) Tyrone Slothrop is the American lieutenant working for Allied Intelligence near the end of World War II in Thomas Pynchon’s entertainingly bizarre and intricate 1973 novel, Gravity’s Rainbow. This Tyrone is likeable enough, and the absurdity of his undertakings is entertaining and amusing – BUT - we want to say that putting a beautiful name like Tyrone next to a name like Slothrop almost – not quite – but almost ruins Tyrone. So don’t do it. We are informed that the full name is an anagram for “Sloth or Entropy”, and that’s just fine. Let’s leave it at that.

  • Popular Songs on Tyrone

    Popular Songs on Tyrone

    Call Tyrone - a skit by Heltah Skeltah [explicit]

    Tyrone - a song by Erykah Badu

  • Children's Books on the Baby Name Tyrone

    Children's Books on the Baby Name Tyrone

    Ingrown Tyrone (Tolya L. Thompson) - Ingrown Tyrone is the fourth release in the Smarties series. Teased like you wouldn't believe for his extremely big feet and short height, Tyrone can think of only one way out. He buys a pair of shoes that are too small and they have a heel so that he can look tall. Tyrone puts on those shoes and boy does he pay a hefty price for trying to change the beautiful person that he is. Recommended for ages 5-8.

    Just For You! The Two Tyrones (Wade Hudson) - There’s a new boy in class… and he has the same name as Tyrone! The old Tyrone can’t stand it. What will he do? Recommended for ages 6-9.

    Tyrone and the Swamp Gang (Hans Wilhelm) - Resisting the pressures of the local bully Tyrone, the leader of the Swamp Gang who wants everyone at school to follow him, Boland and his friends find more than their share of trouble when they choose to remain independent. Recommended for ages 5-8.

    Tyrone the Clean 'o' Saurus (David Salariya) - This picture book for children uses original torn-paper illustrations to tell the fun-filled story of Tyrone the Clean 'o' Saurus, whose neat and tidy, 'spick and span' world is turned upside down when a mysterious box arrives. Curved corners mean that baby and toddlers can play safe when reading this book, and repetitive text helps them learn new words. Recommended for ages 3-6.

    Tyrone the Double Dirty Rotten Cheater (Hans Wilhelm) - Tyrone and Boland are back, and this time, while on a Swamp Island camping trip, Tyrone cheats at meteor bowling and trips little Boland in the dinosaur egg races. But with the help of his dinosaur friends, Boland decides to fight back with a clever plan. Full color. Recommended for ages 5-8.

    Tyrone: a turtle tale (Sue Foley) - This book will appeal to children because it is a light, yet realistic story which deals with emotions and situations that children can identify with, such as: rejection from friends, frustrations in attempting a solution to a problem and acceptance, finally, with friends. The story is about a turtle, Tyrone, who cannot play with his turtle friends at Hide & Seek because he cannot fit his head inside his shell. Laughed at by the other turtles, he asks his other animal friends for suggestions. After several unsuccessful attempts, he gives up. Later he hears a parrot, perched high in a tree, calling him. He climbs up on a tree stump to see who it is but falls off. He hits the ground and realizes that his glasses have come off and his head now fits inside the shell. Tyrone is finally happy because he can play with the other turtles. Recommended for ages 4-8.

  • Famous People Named Tyrone

    Famous People Named Tyrone

    Famous People Named Tyrone - Tyrone Power (screen legend); Tyrone Guthrie (theatrical director); Tyrone Marshall (soccer player); Tyrone Willingham (college football coach); Tyrone Davis (soul singer); Tyrone Corbin (basketball coach)

  • Children of Famous People Named Tyrone

    Children of Famous People Named Tyrone

    Famous People Who Named Their Son Tyrone - Tyrone Power (actor); Jerry Greenfield (co-founder of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream)

  • Historic Figures

    Tyrone - Boy Baby Name - Historic Figures

    Tyrone Power (5 May 1914 – 15 Nov 1958) - Tyrone Power was a highly popular American movie star, particularly through the 1940s and 1950s, with an impeccable pedigree in English theater on his father’s side. His dashing good looks made him a natural for the type of swashbuckling role he played in such romantic movies as The Mark of Zorro and Captain from Castile, although he always strived for more serious roles on the stage, both in America and England. Ironically, probably his best known role had him cast against type as the cheating womanizer accused of murder in 1957’s in Witness for the Prosecution. Tyrone Power served with distinction in the Marine Corps during World War II. Married three times, he sired two daughters and a son who was born after his death. Tyrone Power died of a heart attack at the tragically young age of 44.

Personality of the Boy Name Tyrone

The number Seven personality is deeply mystical and highly in tune with their spirituality. They operate on a different wavelength than the average joe. Spending time alone comes easily to Sevens, as it gives them time to contemplate philosophical, religious and spiritual ideas in an effort to find "real truth".  Sevens are wise, but often exude mystery as if they are tapped into something the rest of us don't understand. They love the outdoors and are fed by nature. Sevens are constantly seeking to understand human nature, our place in the universe, and the mystery of life in general. This makes them quite artistic and poetic, but they are also keen observers with high intellect - so they are equally scientific-minded. Sevens are charitable and care deeply about the human condition.

Variations of the Baby Name - Tyrone

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