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Quick Facts on Veronica

  • Gender:
  • Girl
  • Origin:
  • Latin
  • Number of syllables:
  • 4
  • Ranking popularity:
  • 337
Simple meaning:
She who brings victory; True image

Characteristics of Veronica

  • Humanitarian
  • Community-minded
  • Family-oriented
  • Loving
  • Affectionate
  • Compassionate
  • Sensitive

Etymology & Historical Origin - Veronica

Interestingly, Veronica is the Latin form of the Greek personal name Berenice, derived from the Greek elements “phérein” (‘to bring”) and “níkê” (‘victory’) – or more simply, ‘she who brings victory’. There is some folk etymology associated with Veronica’s meaning thanks to the legend of a 1st century saint who bore this name. It was influenced by the Latin phrase “vera icon” which is connected with the early Church and means ‘true image.’ Veronica is simply an anagram of this phrase. St. Veronica was a pious woman who followed Christ as he carried his cross on the way to Calvary. She compassionately wiped his face with her veil and, according to tradition, his image was then miraculously imprinted on the cloth – hence Veronica being associated with the ‘true image’ of Christ. This story became immensely popular among early Christians and the veil was a cherished relic of the Church (Veil of Veronica). By the Middle Ages, naming children after saints was used as a protective measure throughout Europe and Veronica has taken on several formations: Verónica (Spanish), Véronique (French), Veronika (German). The French eventually brought the name to England where it gained favor in more modern times.

Popularity of the Name Veronica

The name Veronica has been on the American popularity charts since the U.S. government first began tracking naming trends in 1880. At the turn of the 20th century, Veronica was a name used in moderation, but she quietly climbed the charts without much fuss as the decades progressed. In 1972, Veronica landing a spot on the Top 100 list of most popular girl names where she would remain for 20 years. As we’ve entered this new century, Veronica has been on the decline. Long associated with the Catholic Church, the name Veronica has been a particular favorite among Americans of Hispanic or Latino descent. Considered slightly old-fashioned today, Veronica has shown impressive fortitude and tenacity on the charts. Ronnie or Roni are darling nicknames for this gorgeous four-syllable lady. We agree the name has a rather “saintly” quality, but there’s a dose of sweet and sexy, too (think: Veronica Lake, the “peek-a-boo” actress from the 1940s Hollywood era).
Popularity of the Girl Name Veronica
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Cultural References to the Baby Name - Veronica

  • Literary Characters of the baby name Veronica

    Literary Characters of the Baby Name Veronica

    Veronica Lodge (Archie Comics) Veronica Lodge is a major character in the Archie comics series, which debuted in 1942. Brunette and beautiful, she competes with the blonde Betty Cooper (her best friend) for the teen-aged affections of Archie Andrews in small town Riverdale. While Betty is sweet and natural, our Veronica is rich, self-centered, snobbish, vain, spoiled, and she will stoop to any trickery to get her “man”. And we love her. The only child of a rich man (“Daddykins”), Veronica is a young lady born with a silver spoon in her mouth. She is a shopaholic, a cheerleader, a horse rider, a figure skater, a scuba diver and a would-be homecoming queen. While Archie is her main squeeze, she also dates Reggie Mantle, which is only natural, as he is the richest boy in town. As for Jughead Jones, she and he do not see eye-to-eye, most likely because he is apt to call her out on her high-stepping airs. All in all, Veronica is an almost too-good-to-be-true-bad girl. If this is the worst Riverdale could produce, all towns in America should be so lucky. At the end of the day, Veronica usually is made to see the error of her ways, and she always tries to make amends – usually by throwing cash around. Hey – whatever works.

  • Popular Songs on Veronica

    Popular Songs on Veronica

    Veronica - a song by Elvis Costello

    Veronica - a song by Onyx [explicit]

    Veronica - a song by Teenage Bottlerocket

    Veronica - a song by The Huntingtons

    Veronica Fever - a song by the Raveonettes

    Veronica Hates Me - a song by Screeching Weasel

  • Children's Books on the Baby Name Veronica

    Children's Books on the Baby Name Veronica

    Betty & Veronica's Guide to Life (Jasmine Jones) - Betty and Veronica wear the latest fashions, know what is cool and are always up for some fun. Now, they are telling to their fans! Full of spot art, humor, and attitude, these books will show how to deal with everything from school to boys-all from the perspective of two famous and fabulous best friends….and crush rivals! Recommended for ages 9-12.

    Peter and Veronica (Marilyn Sachs) - What happens when your worst enemy becomes your best friend? If you're Peter and Veronica, you spend your time exploring the neighborhood, daring each other to do crazy things. Peter's mother won't let Veronica in the house, but Peter is determined to fight for his best friend until the bitter end. Recommended for ages 9-12.

    Veronica (Roger Duvoisin) - Veronica, a hippopotamus who wants to stand out from the herd and be famous, travels to the big city where she indeed does stand out. Causing traffic jams, blocking sidewalks, and devouring a pushcart vendor’s vegetables in one big gulp, Veronica is arrested and jailed. How she discovers that there is no place like home is told with warm humor and sublimely mirthful illustrations that are great fun to share with a young child. Recommended for ages 4-8.

    Veronica and the Birthday Present (Roger Duvoisin) - The friendship that develops between a kitten and a hippopotamus causes great commotion on two neighboring farms. Recommended for ages 4-8.

    Veronica on Petunia's Farm (Roger Duvoisin) - Veronica, the very conspicuous hippopotamus, is happy to move to Mr. Pumpkin’s farm. There will be so many animals to gossip with! But the other animals do not return Veronica’s hearty “Good morning!” And they say nasty things about her. Her feelings hurt, Veronica hides in the barn for a whole week—the animals spy on her as she wastes away and looks morose. Feeling guilty, the animals offer gifts to cheer her up, and when she finally joins them in the barnyard, they see the biggest smile ever on Veronica’s face. First published in 1962, this sequel to Caldecott Medalist Duvosin’s Veronica captures with humor and an upbeat conclusion the real-life dynamics often faced by a new child in school. Recommended for ages 4-8.

    Veronica the Show-Off (Nancy K. Robinson) - Although lonely and desperately in need of friends, Veronica overwhelms her new classmates with her outrageous behavior. Recommended for ages 9-12.

  • Famous People Named Veronica

    Famous People Named Veronica

    Famous People Named Veronica - Veronica Lake (actress); Saint Veronica (Catholic saint); Veronica (singer); Veronica Ballestrini (singer); Veronica Cartwright (actress); Verónica Castro (Mexican actress); Veronica De La Cruz (CNN News anchor); Veronica Finn (former pop singer); Veronica Franco (poet and courtesan in sixteenth-century Venice); Veronica Guerin (murdered Irish journalist); Veronica Giuliani (Italian mystic); Veronica Scott (TV personality); Veronica Varlow (burlesque dancer)

  • Children of Famous People Named Veronica

    Children of Famous People Named Veronica

    Famous People Who Named Their Daughter Veronica - We cannot find any celebrities or famous people who have named their child Veronica.

  • Historic Figures

    Veronica - Girl Baby Name - Historic Figures

    Veronica - We cannot find any historically significant people with the first name Veronica.

Personality of the Girl Name Veronica

Romance is the hallmark of the Six personality. They exude nurturing, loving, and caring energy. Sixes are in love with the idea of love in its idealized form - and with their magnetic personalities, they easily draw people toward them. Like the number Two personality, they seek balance and harmony in their life and the world at large. They are conscientious and service-oriented, and a champion for the underdog. These personalities naturally attract money and are usually surrounded by lovely material objects - but their human relationships are always primary. They thrive in giving back to others rather than being motivated by their own desires. This is when they achieve great things. Sixes are natural teachers, ministers and counselors.

Variations of the Baby Name - Veronica

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