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Unique Baby Name Ideas

There are so many names from which to choose for your baby; at times the choice can feel overwhelming! Sometimes it helps to pare down your options into categories of interest. By drilling down only to the names that behold specific qualities that are important to you, you may find the selection process easier. Below are some fun categories of names for you to peruse. Enjoy!

  • Baby Names - Bible with Cross Graphic By far and away, the Bible has had the single most dominant impact on naming practices within the Western
  • Baby Names - Hands Praying Graphic It was the Puritans in the 17th century who were ultimately responsible for popularizing virtue names. The Pur
  • Baby names - Pegasus Silhouette Graphic Mythological tales have been delighting audiences for millennium upon millennium. As one of the earliest art f
  • Baby Names - Renaissance Jousting Graphic T.S. Eliot once said: “Our high respect for a well read person is praise enough for literature.” S
  • Baby Names - Hourglass Graphic One of the most prevalent trends right now is the use of old-fashioned names that hearken back to the turn-of-
  • Baby Names - Flowers and Jewels Graphic Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens. Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens. Brown p
  • Baby Names - World Map Graphic Naming children after places really took off in the 1990s in the United States, mainly evidenced by the po
  • Baby Names - Carriage with Backward Horse Graphic Using surnames as first names has become a major trend in the United States. Historically speaking, t
  • Baby Names - Cowboy with Lasso on Horse Graphic Howdy cowboys and cowgirls. Why don’t you pull up a bar stool and stay a’while at the Wil
  • Baby Names - Eiffel Tower Graphic So what exactly are the ingredients to the recipe for a Cosmo-Cool name? Hard to say. There are just certain
  • Baby Names - Musical Notes Graphic "Music speaks what cannot be expressed, soothes the mind and gives it rest, heals the heart and makes
  • Baby Names - Princess Graphic There are just certain names that scream out femininity with that “pretty girl” sensibility. W
  • Baby names - Dog Graphic Let’s face it. Homo sapiens have been sharing human names with our canine friends for a long time. A
  • Baby Names - Upward Trend Data Chart Graphic There are certain names which saw sudden usage out of nowhere or remarkable jumps up the popularity charts w
  • Baby Names - Man Carrying Large Money Bag Graphic With all the sociopolitical commotion going on about the “One Percenters” and the unfair dis
  • Baby Names - Dart in Target Graphic Compared to other countries, America can be a relaxed nation when it comes to naming choices. The usage of dim
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